On this week’s Creator’s Tip video Kieran Farr from VidCaster discusses the benefits of having your videos on your own video website in addition to a presence on relevant video destination sites like YouTube, and Daily Motion in order to increase your traffic, product sales and have additional control over your video revenue streams down the line.

ReelSEO: Why would a video creator want to consider having their own website presence outside of YouTube and similar sites?

Kieran: It does depend on your objects as a video products, but the primary goal of posting videos for many companies and individuals is to sell a product or service.  In order to do that it is necessary to have your own website to get viewers to engage and make a purchase.  It also helps you to get more organic traffic which is a huge benefit for the video SEO side of things.

R: What are some values to someone who is a YouTube creator to utilize the free products and other resources you have on VidCaster?

K: This is especially important for YouTube creators because it's a way they can build a brand off of YouTube.  We recommend not giving up your YouTube channel, especially if you are already bringing in good revenue from there, but instead start pointing viewers from YouTube to your site.  That way you already have viewers in place if down the line you work out an advertising deal with an agency or local business and don't have to pay any fees to YouTube to provide an advertisers annotation or link on your video.

Additionally, having your own website gives you more control and allows you to show additional content to your viewers.  Many viewers who are not overly familiar with YouTube may watch your video and then instead of staying on the channel to watch additional videos instead click on a related video link which takes them away from your content.  If you can point viewers to your site you will get more video views and have your audience in an environment you control.

R: For video marketers who have a product they want to promote but want to use YouTube at the same time,  how can they tie together a website and YouTue video content seamlessly in a way that really enhances their product and their brand?

K: We recommend what we call a hybrid strategy.  That is where you put content that is very easy to understand for people who have never heard of your product on sites like YouTube, Daily Motion, and Facebook, but then the more advanced content that you know only power users or people who are really interested in buying will be interested in you have on your website in a self hosted player.  This way you get that search engine traffic going directly to your site.  You will still get the organic discovery from YouTube with regards to that more short bite-size content with the ability to direct people to your site for more detailed info.

QUESTION: Do you have any experience or tips in how to best leverage and integrate both your own website and your online video presence elsewhere?

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    As part of this hybrid strategy it may well be worth using youtube's PPC options to feature the shorter content and then drive views from those videos directly to the relevant pages in your own site.

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    excellent. Thanks Eva Bubu

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