Tools To Track Online Video Marketing, Brands and Social Footprints

You have a brand, you want to know when people are talking about it or using it in some online video...well doesn't everyone? Sure you could focus your tracking on YouTube alone, but wouldn't it be better to expand your tracking even further? Here is a quick list of services that can get you on the path and start tracking through the online marketing wilderness. At the end of the path lies success, we hope you manage to hunt it down.

Tools To Track Online Video Marketing, Brands and Social FootprintsFeedky - Not exactly the most user-friendly or feature-rich application around but it is a quick and dirty way to find out if your brand is showing up in videos online.  Feedky searches videos from 41 resources such as You Tube, Daily Motion, Metacafe, Vpod, Google Video, Yahoo Video, Flickr, etc. and allows you to make a "feedky" which is an automatically updated list of videos with your tags or words in it. Of course the site forgets what language you chose (it's available in Spanish and sometimes in English) from time-to-time. But if you want to just do a quick search it's like Googling your name in video form.

Tools To Track Online Video Marketing, Brands and Social FootprintsSpeaking of Google, they have an alerts service that allows you to plugin keywords and it will email you when new content comes online that contains them. They offer news, blogs, web, groups, comprehensive and of course, video. Strangely, the comprehensive didn't pull in the YouTube videos from the GamersDailyNews channel there but if I setup a video-only alert it worked just fine.

Tools To Track Online Video Marketing, Brands and Social FootprintsMeanwhile over at Yotify you set up what they call scouts to go out and track down what you're interested in. In regards to video, it only combs through YouTube and it didn't even do a fantastic job of that. The service is in beta so hopefully they will continue expanding and improving the offering.

Tools To Track Online Video Marketing, Brands and Social FootprintsOver at Video-Alerts they're doing much of the same. It's a YouTube specific site where you basically put in your keywords and it alerts you when new videos are available. You can track up to 10 keywords and it will update you once a day. Google Alerts is far more useful with its 'as it happens' feature.

Tools To Track Online Video Marketing, Brands and Social FootprintsFinally, I found SocialMention which gives you a search box interface and a variety of options including, yes, video. They search at the very least YouTube, and Truveo. SocialMention have a streamlined interface and the results show up fairly quickly. Plus it's free and you can search multiple types of categories in one place. But putting in multiple words, with or without quotes, means it will search on all the words and not just the phrase. Plus it seems like some of the search results are outdated even though video was right up to date.

Several pay services exist if you want to track your brand across the web with a simple interface and include Brandwatch and filtrbox. However, neither mentions video specifically on their sites. Meanwhile Nielsen offers BuzzMetrics which they state offers a full solution, radian6 has a pretty slick interface which includes a media viewer, which must mean they track video. There are numerous other pay services, many of which do not specifically mention video tracking so I didn't include them.

If you've got a brand tracking service that is video capable and would like to be featured on ReelSEO, drop me an email to set up a demo and we can make some arrangements.

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  • Webinar company

    Thanks for writing about this.

    You've got a bunch of really good information here on your website.
    Thanks mate.

  • Patrick

    Hi Christophor,

    Thanks for the mention. I wanted to add a little detail to your description of Filtrbox. From a video perspective we include any relevant content from our partner clipsyndicate as well as any video sources indexed by Google.

    We also provide a free service that maintains searches across all of the same sources.

    Patrick Cameron

  • DavidAlston

    Hey there Christophor,

    Thanks for the Radian6 shout out. Yes along with blogs, microblogging services, forums, online review site, boards and Flickr we also track the majority of all video sharing sites with our partnership with blinkx.

    Thanks again for including us in your post.

    David Alston