Web Video Strategies for Startups & New Media Companies

Web Video Strategies for Startups & New Media Companies

Video and rich media are fast becoming (and I would argue already are) a fundamental part of any online strategy for both startups and established New Media companies. That's the central theme of our upcoming FREE webinar, titled "Jumpstarting Online Video for Startups & New Media Companies," this week, on Thursday December 1st, from 10-11am PST.

Two major players in the online video space, Kaltura and Akamai (more about them below), will share some of the rich and broad strategies and solutions available for companies that hope to build new video applications and/or integrate video management & delivery into existing offerings.

Web Video Strategies for Startups & New Media CompaniesFREE Webinar ► Online Video for Startups & New Media Companies.
When: Thursday, December 1, 2011 - 10am PST/ 1pm EST.

Jumpstarting Online Video for Startups & New Media Companies

Web Video Strategies for Startups & New Media CompaniesDuring the webinar we'll show you how to deliver a quality video experience across connected devices, as well as how to increase the searchability and popularity of your video content.

Learn how established new media and startups have leveraged simple, scale-able, and flexible solutions to breakthrough the fragmented and complex video delivery universe, and deliver quality media assets across connected devices while maximizing monetization and discovery.

Webinar Presenters & Thought Leaders:

Web Video Strategies for Startups & New Media CompaniesDevon Copley is the Managing Director of Media and Entertainment at Kaltura, the open source video company. At Kaltura, Devon oversees all client engagements in the Media & Entertainment vertical, including major television networks, movie studios, sports leagues, and technology providers. Previously, he was the CTO of Harvard-backed startup Noank Media, where he designed and developed a platform for licensing and delivery of digital content, managing engineering teams in the U.S. and China. He was also a co-founder of Interocity, an Internet media consulting and development company acquired by Chyron, Inc. in 2001. Devon was an Alfred P. Sloan fellow at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and is an inventor on four U.S. patents pending.

Web Video Strategies for Startups & New Media CompaniesAndrew Grant leads the development and execution of Akamai Technologies marketing efforts in the areas of Film and Interactive Entertainment. Since 2002, Andrew has focused his attention on the emerging mass market for digitally delivered Hollywood content. At Rovi, Andrew was part of a multi-disciplinary team responsible for the development of a $240M business in anti-piracy technologies. Splitting his time between Los Angeles and the Bay Area, Andrew managed sales and business development within the major Hollywood studios. After Rovi, Andrew ran worldwide marketing and business development as part of the senior team at Blackwave, a distributed computing software startup designing applications for large-scale, high-performance storage and delivery of IP video that was sold to Juniper Networks in 2010.

Today, as part of the Film team at Akamai, Andrew is working to deepen the industry-leading cloud service provider's strategic relationships with the major studios and their distribution partners. Andrew also leads Akamai's efforts around UltraViolet and the DECE consortium.

Web Video Strategies for Startups & New Media CompaniesMark Robertson:  Ill be moderating the webinar and it's pretty hard to write about myself since Im the one writing this post...  However, I am the founder of this thing called ReelSEO and Im a passionate and experienced video dude.

About our Webinar Sponsors:

Special thanks to our sponsors and presenters for this event, Kaltura and Akamai:

Web Video Strategies for Startups & New Media CompaniesKaltura, Inc. provides the world's first Open Source Online Video Platform. Over 150,000 media & entertainment companies, enterprises, SMBs, educational institutions, service providers, platform vendors, and system integrators use Kaltura's flexible platform to enhance their websites, web-services, and web-platforms with advanced customized video, photo and audio functionalities. To learn more, visit www.kaltura.com or follow @kaltura on twitter.

Web Video Strategies for Startups & New Media CompaniesAkamai® is a leading cloud platform for helping enterprises provide secure, high-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere. At the core of the company's solutions is the Akamai Intelligent Platform™ providing extensive reach, coupled with unmatched reliability, security, visibility and expertise. Akamai removes the complexities of connecting the increasingly mobile world, supporting 24/7 consumer demand, and enabling enterprises to securely leverage the cloud. To learn more about how Akamai is accelerating the pace of innovation in a hyperconnected world, please visit www.akamai.com and follow @Akamai on Twitter.

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