Video Sharing Adobe AIR Desktop Application

Video Sharing Adobe AIR Desktop ApplicationuvLayer is a new application that uses Adobe AIR and flex to work as a multimedia dashboard. Withuvlayer, you can organize all your video assets and share them with friends and family.

uvLayer comes with its own video player and a set of tools for sharing and searching. Use uvLayer to scour the web for videos from YouTube to CollegeHumor to VideoJug etc, then simply drag and drop them to share. uvLayer will find the video you're looking plus it'll find more similar content for you to check out. You can organize the videos anyway you want. The UI is innovative and extremely intuitive. You can grab the videos, stack them, throw them around, create playlists and have your way with them. If you've got Facebook, you can embed videos without having to use extra code or hassle.

Unknown Vector announced the beta launch of uvLayer, the new full-screen media experience that allows users and their friends to interact with their favorite videos across multiple social networks.

"uvLayer's alpha users are so passionate about the product, they asked if they could be featured in our launch announcement," said Michael Hoydich, co- founder of Unknown Vector. "To date we have seen significant media consumption and sharing by our users so it was the least we could do.”

Names have been changed to protect user's identities.

Mary Emerson: "uvLayer allows me to easily create a collection of videos and watch them at my leisure, but I really like seeing what my friends are watching using the activity list.”

Max Garwood: "Before I spent a lot of time trying to find funny videos; cutting and pasting video links to my friends in email, one at a time. With uvLayer I can create collections that I just drag and drop onto my buddies list, it's awesome.”

Jim Velo: "uvLayer is the best, man. I got my crew on, creating some playlists and watching videos. I'm going to be a top user, you watch!”

"We were excited to hear what our early users are saying about uvLayer," said Mark Gray, co-founder of Unknown Vector. "We can't wait to get more feedback from new users so we can create the best product possible. With new developments in technology and devices, we have big plans to innovate on the overall user experience.”

uvLayer was developed using Adobe AIR(TM) (Adobe Integrated Runtime), a new technology that allows developers to create Rich Internet Applications developed in Flash, HTML, and AJAX.

"Unknown Vector is at the forefront of innovation and uvLayer could change the way people collect and view their favorite digital media," said Bobby Tulsiani, Jupiter Research media and Internet video analyst. "The unique, intuitive user interface, especially the video playback window that sits atop other desktop applications truly differentiates uvLayer within the current online video marketplace.”

uvLayer is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 or later as well as Windows XP and Vista and is free to download at

Key Features of uvLayer Beta:

  • Centralized Media Access: uvLayer sources video content from multiple sources allowing users to centralize their favorite videos and play lists without visiting multiple sites
  • Interactive Media Stacks: Users manipulate collected videos into thumbnail-sized "stacks" atop their personalized media canvas for seamless viewing and sharing
  • Beyond the Browser: With uvLayer, users no longer require an open Internet browser to view videos; the option exists to view a single video or an entire playlist in a small, unobtrusive window anchored atop the viewer's desktop
  • Drag-and-Drop Media Sharing: uvLayer automatically assembles friend lists from across the user's preferred social networks; video stacks are easily sent to friends by dragging the content user's want to share over a buddy's icon
  • Effortless Publishing: Users can publish media collections directly to Facebook(R), no coding, no typing, no work; future versions will allow for publishing to a user's own website
  • Instant Media Gratification: The uvLayer Activity Window lets users see in real-time what their friends are watching, sharing and commenting on.

uvLayer in action


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