The YouTube Creator Playbook is a goldmine for anyone looking to improve their video marketing efforts. It's jam-packed with tips, suggestions, and actionable advice on virtually every aspect of using YouTube. For this week's video producer tip from The Reel Web, we look at some of the best video SEO tips for YouTube from the Creator Playbook.

Video SEO Tips For YouTube

Here are 10 guaranteed ways to dominate YouTube search:

  1. "Likes" and "favorites" increase your video's ranking in search.
  2. Publishing content regularly will improve your ranking in the algorithm.
  3. More content will lead to more viewership and better rankings in the algorithms.
  4. With video titles: put keywords first, and branding at the end. But also make sure your titles are compelling to the viewer.
  5. Write good tags. Include tags that are common, but also some that are specific. Place the keywords you want to carry the most weight first. YouTube recommends writing 12 tags or more. Also, mirror the title of the video, using the same word order in tags.
  6. The algorithm favors comprehensive descriptions. Put your most compelling description information first. Include keywords in the descriptive text, as well as subscription links and links to your channel page.
  7. YouTube's search algorithm favors videos that drive traffic to other videos, playlists, channels, or subscriptions via linked annotations.
  8. Having your videos placed in playlists improves your content's ranking in the algorithm.
  9. Having a lot of video responses to your content also helps improve your search ranking.
  10. Respond to comments in the first few hours after your video is posted, because those viewers are your core audience. Building comments early also helps increase the video's ranking in search.

So there you go. 10 great video SEO tips for YouTube to help your videos rank better for search.

Tell us what you think..

Are you already following any of these SEO practices? Are there any tricks you're using that aren't included in the Creator Playbook's list?

  • Eric Schram

    Hi Tim. Thank You for these 10 tips, I never even knew about that the Youtube Playbook was that big or that there was even a playbook

  • Simon Nguyen

    It is a great rarity for me to consider video marketing. For me, that seems to be an untold/difficult task. However, it seems to be an exceptionally useful strategy - particularly when there are many "likes" gathered, just as you suggest.

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Clean Adverts

    getting on right under "related videos" is very important, but youtubes algorithm for this is very random and hit or miss. Somtimes you get lucky and your video shows up there, but most of the time it wont.

  • MehranT

    Very useful info mark, do you have any tips for local search video marketing?

    • reelseo

       @MehranT I do yes -

  • MehranT

    Very useful info mark, do you have any tips for local search video marketing?

    • reelseo

       @MehranT I do yes -

  • Matd Wright

    Hi Tim, In your opinion does allowing adverts on your YouTube videos affect their overall YouTube pagerank? I have seen some evidence of this being the case.

  • WhooshTranscription

    Great article, I'd have thought captioning your YouTube would get into any Top-10-YouTube-SEO-tricks list. Right?

    • TubeChannelPro

      It's my #1 tip, CC and backlinks plus well optimised titles and you can beat 90% of youtube videos to the top spots.

  • Derrick Spruiell

    Thanks... Great information...

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    Excellent share and advice as usual!

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    Find very helpful tips.Thanks for sharing this great video with us.
    Really like this video.

  • Gary Puckett

    great tips I just getting start in utube.

  • John Carr

    Ignore my request Tim. I found a link for the Google book.

  • John Carr

    Excellent info. Hiowever I don't see the link for the Youtube book. Can you please let me know where I can get it? Thanks.

  • Mick Seroka

    using your advise to introduce Paverart into the world of social media. Thanks for the tips and will keep coming back for more.

  • Antonio Centeno

    Tim - great tips - thanks for making this document easier to soak up for us lazy guys!

  • Flávio Sganzerla

    Good tips, never tought about 7 and 8. I would like to know more about embedding videos on many websites, as soon as it goes online.

    • TubeChannelPro

      Also look for syndication via rss or videos rss and also sites that collect videos up or offer you a landing site for video like Miro. an Embed is a backlink though not 100% sure if it carries more or less weight. Should help your watch minutes though if peeps are engaging on the embed page well.