Learn Video SEO At Search Engine Strategies (SES) Chicago

Learn Video SEO At Search Engine Strategies (SES) Chicago

I'll be speaking at Search Engine Strategies Chicago on October 20th, on the Video Search Optimization panel. I'll be joined by fellow speakers Greg Jarboe, author of "YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day," and Google's Senior Developer Advocate Paul Carff.  I will be focusing on website video SEO – i.e, optimizing search engine results for video featured on your own website.

At this session, you may expect to hear about both YouTube and website video SEO strategies, including a presentation by Google on best practices for doing video SEO with Google Video Sitemaps. (ReelSEO publisher Mark Robertson recently posted a video of our webinar with Google on, what else – Google Video Sitemaps Best Practices.)

The Video SEO Debate – YouTube Vs. Website SEO?

Learn Video SEO At Search Engine Strategies (SES) ChicagoI'll also touch upon the YouTube Cannibalization Debate, which we've covered before at ReelSEO.  We've argued that the best strategy for most businesses and and professionally-minded people is to focus first on optimizing videos on your own site first, and then on YouTube and other 3rd party video sharing sites and directories afterwards.

Search Engine Strategies (SES) Chicago Details

I'll be speaking on Oct 20th (Day 2) of the conference, from 11 pm – noon on Track 5. (Yes, there are 5 concurrent tracks. Hey, it's the biggest conference series on search marketing anywhere!) The event is taking place at the Hilton in downtown Chicago, and you can check out the full conference agenda online.

Learn Video SEO At Search Engine Strategies (SES) Chicago

If you are unable to afford to go to the conference sessions, we have 2 options for ya.  First of all, once again, ReelSEO is proud to be a media partner for the event.  As part of that, you can get a nice exclusive discount if you use the discount priority code RSEO20.  If you still are unable, I would recommend signing up online for an Expo Only Pass, which is free with advance registration. (You'll find lots of search industry professionals and vendors in the Expo area, and good opportunities to network.)

Also, be sure to check out the Search Engine Strategies YouTube channel. (521 videos and growing!)

Video Production For Web Video Marketing

Also, Listen to my interview with Website Magazine's Editor in Chief Peter Prestipino, where I cover the following topics:

  • Learn Video SEO At Search Engine Strategies (SES) ChicagoThe origins of web video merging with SEO, becoming it's own business strategy
  • What do we mean by "business quality" video production (which varies between businesses and target audience expectations, whether it's B2B or B2C)
  • My 5 P's of successful web video marketing and Video SEO: Plan, Practice, Produce, Promote, and Performance
  • About ReelSEO's own audience – who are they made up of, and who follows us the most?
  • About my panel on Video SEO at Search Engine Strategies Chicago – what you can expect from myself and my fellow panelists, and important Video SEO tips and strategies you can take away on website SEO; including Paul Caraff presenting on Google Video Sitemaps, and YouTube tactics by Greg Jarboe.
  • What I forecast with web video and video marketing next year and the years to come. I say it's going to get more interactive and create stronger social networks, video technical quality will make big jumps, better automated (and simplified) production and publication tools, and better relevancy of video in search results will be geared on our own behavior, and our own "social graph." As I mention to Peter, "The next step of Video SEO is going to be about teaching people to be more social.”
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