Video SEO Interview With WebmasterRadio's "SEM Synergy Show"

Video SEO Interview With WebmasterRadios SEM Synergy ShowListen to our sneak preview podcast interviewby the SEM Synergy Show on ReelSEO's publisher Mark Robertson shares with SEM Synergy's Virginia Nusseyabout the increasing popularity and business investment into online video marketing, and where video is mostly being found today. (The answer may surprise you!) Special thanks to the folks at Bruce Clay, Inc, for featuring us on this show.

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"We're seeing a lot more custom video being produced, which indicates to me that people are putting significantly more resources behind it.”

"There's a lot of confusion out there as to what Video SEO actually is. It's really about looking for all the ways to attract attention using video to the audience you're trying to market to.”

”More people today search with the word 'video' than the word 'God.'”

"Optimizing video for video search engine is different than optimizing for text-based engines." (There is some overlap with traditional SEO and some clear distinctions.)

"In order to really have a successful Video SEO strategy, your website should also be optimized for video as well.”

When it comes to video being discovered online, "Video search engines are not gaining in popularity right now.People tend to find videos in the organic search engines and virally, rather than specific video sites." (Read about this more in our upcoming post.)

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