List of Video Search Engines and Video Search Web Sites

video-searchAfter many hours of clean up, I am pleased to present list of video search engines and video search sites - below. I encourage you to bookmark this post as I'll be updating it every now and then.

Additional Resources:

Name URL Alexa Google PR
Yahoo Video 1 8
YouTube 3 9
Google Video 2 8
Windows Live Video 4 6
MSN Video 6 6
AOL Video 26 7
Veoh 106 7
OVGuide 386 5
AltaVista Video 848 8
blinkx 1181 7
MeFeedia 1833 5
Stickam 2190 6
Expert Village 4321 6
Guba 4627 6
Flixya 5232 5
Search for Video 14930 6
uVouch 18074 4
Clipta 19458 4
Video Surf 29049 6
SuTree 60596 5
Clip Shack 77997 5
Sproose 104382 5
FFWD 167585 5
Video Crawler 204068 7
Clip Blast 207097 5 313615 5
Dabble 417480 5
  • Roger Adrets

    Also is a good videos search engine, it has 19 videos search engines listed and searchable from one webpage.

  • Mahmut Özpınar

    İ have a new idea and the technical possibility for let showing people full lenght videos directly on the facebook wall and in full screen, allso with password security, so the people will not have trouble with facebook if they as example want to share hardcore movies on facebook (because its password protected-in flash, not hackable). İ don't talk about small videos , i talk about full lenght movies and directly on the facebook wall (or in a tab)....İf somebody r interested look and contact me over one of my fan pages on facebook You can see on my page more than 100 hundred FİRSTS İN AND ON FACEBOOK!

  • Ditz Dime

  • Ryan Noufel

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  • Laura Bell

    One more for videos of uk businesses -

  • Keisya

    i think must be @list

    • Mark Robertson

      you are right.. At this point, they should be added. This is an old post
      but given their size these days, you are right

  • Yulia

    Very impressive list. Thanks a lot for that. Same goes for the other list of sharing sites. I am also interested in video as marketing tool to reach a targeted audience. I was wondering which sites allow the possibity mention website as a hyperlink in video description, which enables viewers of your video to click on it and go straight to your site? YouTube does so but on most sites you can not write down direct links, so people have to type in the url themelves in case they want to visit your site.

  • mucperson

    I have another for your list... BGVIP.TV ( is a new video search engine.

    Features: multilingual | video content agents | machine learning

  • Online Bookmarking India

    Nice one, these days Social Video is gaining its popularity. The Video Ads in social media like Orkut, myspace , are increased dramatically. We have to wait until we see Web 3.0... may be this is where our PCs will be turned to Home Theaters.

  • Paul_N

    Dont forget http://www.vidoosh tv its just been revamped, has video audio photos and a blog sharing facility too

  • Mark Robertson

    kamini - looks like truveo to me ;-)

  • Angelie

    Didn't check it all, but the last 2 engines (aggrega and middio) are parking domain names for sale... You should consider deleting these 2 websites.

    • Mark Robertson

      Thank you. I had checked them all but this must be a recent change. I will check and then remove. Thanks for the input

  • Mark Robertson

    Its in there CLipta

  • Mark Robertson

    I will update this list at the end of 2008 for a new list in 09 ..... Lots of work to do. Thanks for your patience.

  • vladget

    Please add to video sharing sites

  • Lafeeu

    Thanks for the suggestion, I will take a look into Dorgem soon. If it’s video support works, it might have already beat what Yawcam offers. Yawcam is good, but there are things that could be better.

    P.S. Does anyone know of any applications such as this for Mac OS X?

  • TIm

    Can you add Webcastr to this list?


  • Myke

    This is a very comprehensive list. Good job.

  • Erin

    Don't forget, the moderated video sharing site for k-12. It's unique because no videos show up live on the site until they have been viewed and approved by teachers.

    Their mission statement is "student produced, teacher approved".

  • Tom

    Nice collection of web sites.

  • Bart Myers

    I have another as well. Check out SideReel. It's a user editable search engine for video that combines elements of search with a wiki covering TV, film, music videos, viral videos and more.

    Give it a look-see.


  • Trooker

    I have another for your list... Trooker ( ) is both a search engine and sharing site.

  • Joel

    You missed, comprehensive video search site which lets users create and share playlists. Finds video no matter where it's hosted on the Web.

  • Charles Knight

    Wow! What a list! I am the editor of AltSearchEngines, the network blog about all search engines for

    Can I publish your list with full attribution and links back to your site?

    Charles Knight, editor
    Read/WriteWeb netork