Video Search Monitoring and Clipping Service

Video Search Monitoring and Clipping Service

Video Monitoring and Video Clipping Service

New Video Monitoring Service Automatically Searches Consumer Video Sharing Sites Each Day for Video Clips about Companies or Brands; Free Trial Offered

CyberAlert, Inc., the worldwide media monitoring and measurement service, today announced the launch of CyberAlert VDO, the first subscription service that automatically searches and monitors for new video clips posted on video sharing websites. The new video monitoring and clipping service also tracks news videos posted to online news sources.

The new service is designed to assure that corporate communications, public relations, marketing and product management staff are alerted as soon as possible to new consumer-generated video clips containing references to their companies and brands.

CyberAlert VDO automatically monitors 200+ online video sharing and news sites for mentions of key words in the meta tags and text descriptions of video clips. The service searches and tracks over 500,000 new video posts each day including video news clips, TV clips, movie clips, music videos and consumer-generated videos. The service delivers newly posted video clips on the same day or next day.

"Most major companies recognize the necessity of monitoring consumer-generated videos and have been using internal staff or agency personnel to do the task manually, declared Bill Comcowich, President & CEO of CyberAlert ( "CyberAlert VDO can monitor more online video sites, more thoroughly, more accurately and at lower cost than using in-house staff. In addition, the CyberAlert VDO service provides an online archive that automatically stores each client's video clips, including hotlink, descriptive text, viewer comments and number of views. The archive also includes collaborative tools to manage and share video clips.

Consumer-generated videos distributed on video sharing sites have significantly impacted many companies and brands. A consumer-generated video on how to pick a bike lock almost destroyed the company that makes Kryptonite brand locks. Video of the laptop explosion in LAX caused considerable problems for Dell. And AT&T got slammed in online videos about iPhone bills.

On the positive side, the fountains video boosted sales of Mentos mints. Online videos on how to solve the Rubik's Cube (Part 1, Part 2) and videos of record time performances have accelerated resurgence of the puzzle's sales. Consumer-generated videos have both harmed and benefited the careers of celebrities such as Paris Hilton (censored), Britney Spears, Michael Richards ("Kramer) and Judson Laippley (Evolution of Dance). And online videos can be successful promotional tools for most any product including mountain bikes, blenders, online maps, lite emitting clothes, banned commercials (condoms), or political positions. The most popular online videos deliver more impressions than articles in most newspapers and consumer magazines.

Corporate communications, public relations and marketing departments are expected to use the new CyberAlert online video monitoring service to protect corporate and brand reputation, to measure public relations and viral marketing programs, and to gather market intelligence about companies, products and trends.

Corporations, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations can order a 14-Day No-Risk Free Trial of CyberAlert VDO online video monitoring service along with other CyberAlert services.

More information about CyberAlert VDO video monitoring and clipping service is available at

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