Video Quality Comparison and Reference Table

Video quality reference table (arranged in order of best to worst):

Blu-rayH.264 or MPEG21920×1080 1080i/p40
HD DVDH.264 or VC-11920×1080 1080i/p28
ATSC HDTVMPEG21920×1080 1080i/p19.39
Digital cableMPEG21920×1080 1080i/p~ 16
Verizon FiOS
Video on demand
MPEG21920×1080 1080i15
DISH HDMPEG2/MPEG41440×1080< 10
DIRECTV HDMPEG2/MPEG41280×1080< 10
IPTVH.264?< 10
Xbox Live VideoVC-11280×720 720p6.8
DVDMPEG2720×480 480i and can scale up8
Apple iTunesQuickTime/H.2641280×720 720p4
Web "HD" downloadsH.2641280×720 720p1.5

I realize this may be outdated somewhat.  Please feel free to comment below with additions, changes, etc…

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