Last month, I had the pleasure of speaking on several panels at PubCon 2009, an industry trade show put on by WebMasterWorld that is programmed specifically for web professionals and website site owners. My favorite, was a session titled, "Best Practices for Video Creation, Integration and Marketing" where I presented along with our friends Gregory Markel of Infuse Creative and Michael McDonald of  WebProNews.

I was asked to cover how best to integrate internet video within your website and I discussed everything from file formats and players to hosting (self-hosting, online video platforms,"social video platforms") to general best practices for internet video publishing.  Below is my presentation - enjoy

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  • Michel Virard

    Good stuff, Mark. I put your slide show as mandatory reading to all my video team. Although we are in the charity business (if we can call it a "business") we face the same hurdles than commercial video publishers face: how to make sense of all those seemingly infinite number of combinations. Your slides definitely help.

  • Dripworks

    Hey Mark,

    I have a small collection of videos that show customers and prospects how to use our products. I have uploaded them to as many "Social Video Platforms" as possible. I was wondering if you had a complete list of all the free social video platforms available. Thanks.

    • Mark Robertson

      I do but it is outdated and they are changing all the time. Im not sure I
      agree that the mass distribution strategy is the right one for you but for
      the most part, Tubemogul and Traffic Geyser seem to have the right ones.

  • Lance Puig

    Very informative! Better share this with my colleagues.

  • Jeff Simser

    In reguards to MP4 and .H264 (AVC/AAC) are they one in the same?? Do both formats contain both AVC and AAC? I'm making product demonstration videos for our company and the software i'm using allows me to render in either format but i'm not sure if AAC is a part of the formats. (I'm using Cyberlinks Power Director. I will be hosting these on our website so the .h264 format seems to be the way to go but i'm still wondering where the AAC fits into all this and how would i integrate it.

    Thank you.

    • Mark Robertson

      No problem Jeff.. MP4 is a file format/container. .H264 is a
      compression/codec for video. AAC is the compression for audio.... Does
      that help....?

  • gerryoginski

    Mark- again a great and timely topic. I like your best practices note about the single video/ single url. Not enough people are taking advantage of the hot buttons so users do not need to click away from the video to get what they want.

    Nice presentation and graphics.

    • Mark Robertson

      Thanks Gerry...

  • dennislundinfilms

    Great Great work Mark

    • Mark Robertson

      Thanks a bunch Gizmo... appreciate it.

  • Bob Fitzgerald

    Thanks Mark. You introduced a few options that I had not previously considered. I'm an online video content producer (cameraman and editor) and I find that my clients often look to me for advice on how to best publish, that's because the average website developer serving the SMB marketplace lacks the knowledge about effective video publishing. Its in my interest to see that the client is going to get good results with their online video because I want the video content production work, so I'm often educating web developers in order to get the client's order just to produce video content. I wonder how many other video producers out there are forced to do the same? The clients that I produce video for have a wide range of situations and its a moving list of publishing options, so its good to have expert opinions like that given in your presentation.

    • Mark Robertson

      Thanks Bob. Im sure there are a good amount of folks out there in the same position you are in and hopefully they find my site cause I would love to help them out. Thanks for the kind words.

  • rowby

    Great slideshow, Mark.For my clients who want to post on YouTube or similar sites I always recommend that they include their web address on the video itself -- so in case their video ends up embedded "who-knows-where" their main web address will be clearly visible.

    • Mark Robertson

      That is a great point that believe it or not, I never thought of ;-) Ha... I usually including branding elements but that is a real good point. Thanks Rowby

  • Amani Channel


    Very informative post. I didn't see Mpegstreamclip in your presentation ( Do you use it? It seems to be one of the best free compression/file conversion programs out there. I really enjoy your posts.

    • Mark Robertson

      Good point. I actually do use it on my mac when I get files from a videographer that are encoded with apple codecs that my PC cant handle. It is a great program so thanks for reminding me about that one.

  • Glenn Gutierrez

    Cool stuff. Going to send this to friends.

  • Tim Schmoyer

    Good stuff. Thanks, Mark! I'm constantly wresetling with the hosted/self-hosted debate. I'm still using YouTube just because it indexes well in Google and it's a high traffic site, but the limitations do frustrate me sometimes. Guess I'll stick with it for now...

    • Mark Robertson

      Thanks Tim. Yeah, I prefer hosted with a video platform or self-hosted vs. YouTube but I agree with the benefits. It's hard because with regard to a blog, YouTube is so easy. There are some good alternatives though, as you know.