You Saw This Coming Of The Day: Video Postage Stamps

You Saw This Coming Of The Day: Video Postage Stamps

Snail mail eh? It may be as offline as it gets but the Australian Post Office has just introduced a postage stamp with a QR code that lets the sender record a 15 second video message as part of their letter or parcel. This obvious but brilliant idea is being trialled in the run up to Christmas in the hope that it brings a more personal touch to items sent to family and friends. The QR coded stamps can be picked up in local outlets and the sender has up to 12 hours after posting the letter to record their message. On receipt of postage, the recipient then scans the QR stamp using their smartphone to retrieve the message, and if they don't have a smartphone, they can still see what you sent by entering a special code on the Australia Post site.

You Saw This Coming Of The Day: Video Postage Stamps

The videos can be shared over social media and email and can be viewed for three months after the initial recording. Australia Post say that if they see a good response in this holiday season they will continue with the feature into 2014. The service is free (bar the cost of the video stamp which is the same price as an ordinary one) and can also be used for international mail.

So, anyone in Australia want to send us one? We'd love to see how it works.

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  • Timothy Javins

    Wow, that's actually really good. Props to the Aussie Postal Service for innovating. It's what a startup would do, yet they're a fully-entrenched business. Reminds me of SnapChat or Instagram.

  • Tim Blankenship

    Interesting. My mind is always wondering what business applications this could have for marketing....