If you're anything like us, you probably don't quite have enough time in a single day to get to everything you really wanted to. Articles you meant to read... others you intended to write... and emails--oh, the endless stream of emails. So for a publisher in the online video space, time is a premium. Today, though, we're releasing a little something that might help you share more great video news content with your readers, fans, and customers: The ReelSEO Widget.

Even here at ReelSEO we find ourselves unable to write about everything we want to. Week in and week out, there's just too much happening in the online video world. But throughout the years we've tried to give you as much great content as we can pertaining to online video marketing. For the most part, we think we've done a pretty good job and we've heard from many of you the same. So much so, that we often get asked how people could easily feature our articles on their own website or blog.

Introducing the ReelSEO Video News Widget

Enter the ReelSEO Widget. With a small embed code, you can now add the very latest ReelSEO news, tips, and editorial content to your own company website, blog, or other digital publication with ease. The widget has three tabs:

Want Top Online Video News & Tips For Your Website? The ReelSEO Widget Is Here  reel widget News & Tips - This is the main article feed from the featured home page stories you find here every day. It updates in real time, so once you have the widget installed, you never have to touch it to ensure your readers can get our latest articles.

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Videos - From time to time, we actually make our own videos, and those are featured here. (Mental note: carve out time to make more videos).

Subscribe - This tab contains a simple sign-up tab for those interested in subscribing to the ReelSEO news feed. This tab is also only on the 300-wide version of the widget.

Once installed, the widget will default to the News & Tips tab for users.

Enough Talk... Let's Take A Look

There are two sizes of the ReelSEO widget so that you can use the appropriate size you need, with more possible configurations on the way down the road--we can even talk about a custom size for higher-volume publishers that have unique space considerations (see below)

The standard size widget is 300-pixels wide. And it looks like this:

The second size option is more narrow at 160-pixels wide, and a little taller:

Adding the ReelSEO Widget To Your Site

If you'd like to add the ReelSEO widget, giving your readers instant access to the very latest online video marketing news, all you need to do is copy and paste this code:

300-Wide ReelSEO Widget:
Click inside the code below and copy (hold 'Ctrl' + 'C')

160-Wide ReelSEO Widget:
Click inside the code below and copy (hold 'Ctrl' + 'C')

The ReelSEO Widget is free to use, open to anyone, and is now live. Add the latest opinions, news, tips, & tutorials in the world of online video marketing right on your website We hope you enjoy it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1247291934 Sue Haberkorn

    LOVE the idea. Got to get that added ASAP. Sounds like a great way to add more activity and improve SEO as well. Thanks!

  • http://www.warehouse38.tv Jock Mirow

    Love the widget, hate the code. Seems to have issues when cut n pasted in Microsoft Expression web 3. Go to www.warehouse38.tv (homepage, scroll down right hand side) and you'll see what I mean. Advice?

  • damian hoskin

    this may seem like a silly question... but is the reelseo live news widget available for a facebook business page? can I insert it using static html?

    • http://www.reelseo.com/mark/ Mark R Robertson

      actually that is a great question.. I know that it can work as an iFrame but I havent played with that yet. Ill look into that cause it's a great idea.