Online Video Industry News Resources I Follow

Online Video Industry News Resources I Follow

With the online video industry in what seems to be a continual rapid growth mode, it is difficult to keep up with all that is going on with regard to news and information about online video platforms, online video marketing, video advertising, mobile video and everything else (see my recent tweet). Who knows what will happen tomorrow.  It seems that everyday there is more and more news about the space.

I sincerely hope that you rely in part on ReelSEO to get our in-depth news, tips, and observations about the happenings within the industry.  We try our best to provide objective news, research, tips, and do our best to assist in evangelizing and covering this exciting, and rapidly growing space. That being said, there are many other great sources out there that I suggest you take a look at.  Consider adding the following sources to your daily RSS feed for keeping up on all that is going on with the online video industry.  Additionally, I have provided a few good resources below these which I follow to keep up on all that is happening with regard to social media, digital media, and search engines.

I've listed these in no particular order. You can also grab this as an OPML here.  I realize that there are tons more that are probably worthy of listing..   Feel free to add sources that you think are worthy in the comments below, and Ill take a look.  Thanks to all those who provide these excellent publications.

My Favorite Sources for Video Industry News

The Business of Online Video - Dan Rayburn's the business of online video | @danrayburn

Online Video Watch - by Ben Homer & Corey Kronengold

KlessBlog - by Larry Kless, our good friend and Streaming Media All-star | @klessblog

Fierce Online Video - Covering the world of online video

VideoNuze - Online video industry news analysis by Will Richmond | @videonuze

WebTVWire - All about the business of internet TV

Media Post Video Insider - From MediaPost, publishers of OMMA magazine.

TV Over - IPTV, Internet TV, and online video news | @TVoverdotnet

Web Video Report - From AdAge | @adage

Beet.Tv - Focused on transformation of media (primarily about online video) - by Andy Plesser | @beettv

1TimStreet - Written by Tim Street about observations on web video and social media | @1timstreet

iMedia Video News
Sorry, looks like their feed is broken, still a great source

Digital Media News Resources

Contentinople - Digital media industry news | @contentinople

TVWeek - Television industry news

Digital Media Wire Video | @dmwnews

Dedicated to Covering Web TV

NewTeeVee - Online video, primarily about web TV, by the GigaOM network | @newteevee

Tube Filter - All about web television news. | @tubefilter

Tilzy.TV - Source for serialized content and news about online video. | @TilzyTV

Viral Video, Video Blogging, IPTV, Misc...

UnRuly Media Blog | @unrulymedia

Hot Air - VideoBlogging and Internet Broadcasting by Michelle Malkin. | @hotairblog

WillVideoForFood - Authored by Kevin Nalts, the "Viral Video Genius" | @nalts

Film Linker - Dedicated to creation and production for independent filmmakers | @filmlinker

IZZY Video - Digital video tutorials from Israel Hyman | @izzyvideo

Ronamok, Online video and social media strategies, by Ron Ploof | @RonPloof

News Videographer - Written by Angela Grant for journalists looking to leverage online video.

LostRemote - Future of TV and journalism, written by Cory Bergman | @lostremote

CinemaTech - Scott Kirsner

IPTV Evangelist - Covering IPTV and IPTV technology

IPTV Watch - News about IPTV - Video

Video Company Blogs

Youtube Blog

Permission TV Blog | @permissiontv

Miro Blog | @TheMiroFolks Blog | @bliptv

There are soo many here but these were just a few that I found particularily useful

Video Industry Magazines

Streaming Media Magazine | Print Subscription

Video Business Magazine | Print Subscription

Digital Video Magazine| Print Subscription

Other Great Resources for Related Industry News

Master New Media - Robin Good's news, tools and resources for web publishers | @RobinGood

last100 - Written by Steve O'Hear | @last100

Mashable | @mashable

Techcrunch | @TechCrunch

Wired News Tech Biz

Download Squad | @DownloadSquad

ScribeMedia(media feed) - by Robert Scoble | @scobleizer (PS, he follows back)

WebProNews | @webpronews

Search Engine Industry News & SEO/SEM

SEOBook - SEO guru and virtual friend - Aaron Wall - great tools, news, etc... | @seobook

Search Engine Land

SEOMoz | @SEOMoz

Bruce Clay SEO | @bruceclayinc

Search Engine Roundtable

Search Engine Watch

Shameless Plug

ReelSEO - Please dont forget us - I know, sounds like just SEO, and we certainly love SEO, but much, much more. | @reelseo | @markrrobertson

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