ReelSEO Weekly Online Video News Reel – November 20, 2010

ReelSEO Weekly Online Video News Reel – November 20, 2010

So Firefox crashed and I lost the first version of this article. That will teach me for composing in the online editor and not in notepad like normal. Anyway, short and to the point is what you're going to get today as I can't type properly and Firefox hates me…BAD FIREFOX!

Mark and I have this thing about where to put the ReelSEO news, first or last. I figure, since you're here already, you want the ReelSEO news update, so I put it first. It is sort of shameless self-promotion, but hey, you are HERE already, right?

This Week's Hot Online Video Related News at ReelSEO

Topping the reading list this week was Facebook Video Marketing Insights With Social Media Expert, Mari Smith, an interview Mark did at the 2010 Blogworld and New Media Expo in Las Vegas,

ReelSEO Weekly Online Video News Reel – November 20, 2010Second most read for the week was The History of Online Video In A Nutshell Or Rather, An Image the infographic from Techsmith that I chopped up and talked about. It's pretty basic.

Next in the most read report for the week is the October 2010 US Online Video Rankings, Hulu Tops 1 Billion Video Ads which I want to start subtitling as "Enter the Metrix."

After that people seemed to really like Nifty YouTube Marketing Tip: Secret URL For Automatic Channel-Subscription which Jeremy got from Nalts.

And finally, rounding out the top five most read news items for the week at ReelSEO was Yahoo's New Keyword Research & Comparison Tool, Clues, Is Google Trends With A Kick

Hot News Elsewhere

Social Media

All the rage this week was Myspace succumbing to Facebook and allowing linking of accounts. I don't ever log into mine or the GDN myspace, it's on auto-pilot so, big deal, right?

Online Marketing Summit Adds Social Media University; Announces Biggest Lineup Yet for 2011 Annual Conference OMS Expands to Full Business Week, Making It One of the Largest Educational Conferences in the World Aimed at Helping Marketers Master Online Marketing and Social Media Best Practices; Disney, IBM, Dell, Intel, Cisco, Google Among Hundreds of Presentations Scheduled for Downtown San Diego in February 2011

Video SEO

SEO Consult talked about What Should Your Web Video Contain? A video can be an effective marketing tool and is now playing an influential role in search engine optimisation. Videos are becoming more and more popular with larger numbers of internet users willing to watch them and interested in seeing what they have to offer. Video searches are also becoming more prevalent and this means that not only can web videos get others interested in your business but can also help you to achieve top rankings in the video search results too.

Social Networking

Information Week SMB reviews the Top 5 Twitter Clients If you're looking for a client this might be the place to go.

Video Advertising (The Passion Edition)

Apparently, politicians don't want to talk about or be related to sex in any way, in any country…HA! Fooled you! Mark won't let me use the P-word but in an ad produced by the Young Socialists of Catalonia [Spain], intended to demonstrate that "Voting is a pleasure," an actress playing a young voter is extremely excited to cast her vote.

Here's the video, don't worry, it's just the commercial which some believe should have an R-Rating…so consider yourself warned. Personally, I just thought it was humorous and not obscene. No where near what went on in When Harry Met Sally.

Other politicians were less open-minded about it. Pfft…

Video Sharing (The Chinese are coming Edition)

China video-sharing site Youku files for IPO in US

Chinese Video Site Tudou Files for $120 Million IPO in US

Looks like the market is getting more foreign competition. I also saw some news about video advertising picking up in some other countries like Malaysia. Online video is definitely the future.

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