As many of you know, getting a large amount of views can be great, but it may not mean that you're increasing sales or seeing any meaningful impact for your business through those views.  ReelSurfer sent us an infographic about the video marketing metrics that matter.   So let's take a look at an infographic they gave us illustrating what metrics to look for when you're evaluating your videos' performance:

Which Video Marketing Metrics Matter? [Infographic] marketing metrics infographics

We'd like to thank ReelSurfer for sharing this with us!  They have a good post on how to make a viral video right here.  What do you think?  Anything else marketers should study when it comes to a successful video campaign?

  • Steve Harris

    Coming to London Town UK..? :)

  • Christian Yang

    Co-founder of ReelSurfer here (we created this infographic). Would love to hear your thoughts on these or other metrics, or how what video marketing challenges you're facing in general.