eyeview-logoToday, EyeView launched what I think is a fun, interactive quiz designed to "test your instincts" for video marketing.  The quiz showcases several example A/B test campaigns and shares data collected about those campaigns in order to give marketers a peak into which tests produced better website conversions.

Personally, I did quite well on the quiz (you would hope so, right?), but there are certainly some zingers in there.  What drives more engagement, auto-play or auto-play with mute?  Is it better to have a female voice as voice-over on video?  What triggers work best to drive interaction with video?  Keep in mind, that often times, the correct answer may seem counterintuitive.

Try out this quiz hereThere is no requirement to enter personal information so just have fun with it.

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I spoke with Tal Riesenfeld, Cofounder and VP of Marketing for EyeView, and asked him to give us a little background on the quiz.

According to Tal, the goal of launching this quiz is to let people know that there is a way to build ROI for investment in video. As he put it:

"Video isn't just 'nice to have.' Everyone is already sold on the idea of incorporating video into their site. But marketers want proven ROI on their investment. If one marketing person is able to use this data to prove ROI for his video project then we'll be satisfied."

At the end of the quiz, you will see that they have provided an answer key along with social media sharing functionality so that you can share your "video marketing IQ" with others.  The answer key, which will be emailed to you upon entering your email address, attempts to offer explanations of the results they found.

One thing to take away from this quiz, and I know I've mentioned this before, is just how important it is for marketers to perform, at a minimum, basic testing with video campaigns. You never know for sure what you're going to find.

EyeView is a company that provides online video solutions for business websites with a particular focus on testing, measuring, and reporting engagement performance in order to optimize website video for increased conversions.

  • Mark R Robertson

    Thanks Ouriel ;-)

  • Grant Crowell

    Wow, I only got 6 of 8 right, and I'm supposed to be a regular here! Good fun test -- thanks, Mark.