Online Video Marketing Checklist for Beginners

Planning your video to make the most of that 1 to 3 minutes of eyeball attention means paying attention to the who, what, and why of your video. You may be using free or low cost video production methods, but your time is valuable. Take the time to plan your video, and you'll be happier with your video results.

  1. Decide your "why". Are you doing this to further your brand, attract media attention, provide entertaining content, or give a lesson on using your product? Having a clear idea at the outset will keep the rest of your project in focus.
  2. Select actors/actresses. Will this be a one person "talking head" style video, or will there be more than one person?
  3. Write a script. There is no underestimating the benefit of having a script. Even if you are making a quick how-to video of something you've done hundreds of times, write out the words you want to use. You'll be surprised how many times you'll have to redo the filming if you don't just put the words down in writing first.
  4. Select audio. Will you use a narrative line, or will the actors speak? Will you use a music loop background or will you use an opening and closing music bite for branding?
  5. Check lighting. It's really not easy to change the lighting in your video once it's shot. Make sure you don't have some ugly glaring light in the background, that faces don't have harsh shadows, that you can actually see what it is you want to show your audience.
  6. Shoot your video in takes. This will make editing easier later. Plus you can take the best bits and cut out the worst bits. Think of it as a video morph.
  7. Edit your video. Use your favorite video editing software to add video effects, transitions, text frames, and don't forget to add a title and credits frame. Always use your site logo to better brand your video.
  8. Upload to the internet. Take advantage of to upload to multiple video sharing sites with a few mouse clicks.

If you're doing video marketing on a budget, planning is essential. Your first videos will take more time, as just the shooting and editing takes some getting used to at first. Then everything will begin to go more smoothly technically, and the true difference that will bring you success will be in your planning.

Make sure your video is good quality, interesting, and gives your viewers what you promise. Promise it in your title.

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