A few weeks ago, we went over some data compiled by Conviva that came up with the astounding statistic that buffering, low resolution due to bitrates, and slow start-up caused an estimated loss of $2.16 billion overall in 2012.  Should the same problems continue, Conviva believes $20 billion in damages will be caused through 2017.  Conviva has created an infographic illustrating the problem, and so we'll share it with you here.

Conviva's Infographic: 2012 Viewer Experience Report

The study is here.  And now for the infographic:

Video Buffering and Interruptions Caused Major Headaches in 2012 [Infographic] conviva infographic 606x2526

It's always the seemingly little stuff that causes the most problems.  For more about this, go here to read all about it.


  • http://www.reelseo.com/author/grantastic/ Grant Crowell

    So is ReelSEO now in the infomercial business or what? Just because a company puts out an unvetted report doesn't mean it's true. This isn't reporting, its just lazy free PR (assuming that there's no money changing hands under the table, but that's been done here before).

    • http://www.hardwoodfloortv.com/ Ken Fisher

      So their solution or product is the answer? I've always been concerned about buffering, but is that more of a matter of the device used or platform? I'd like to know more reasons why buffering happens. It's a grey area for me.

      • http://www.nymoviereviews.com/ Chris Atkinson

        Hi Ken. We're actually looking for those answers, too. Hopefully we'll have a good answer for you soon. Thanks for the question, it's a good one!

    • http://www.reelseo.com/ Mark Robertson

      I'm done with your insults and false accusations Grant. Done.