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Web Video Hosting Platforms Comparison Tool   VidCompare

I know that many of our readers are fans of using YouTube as a video hosting platform.  While I completely agree that almost everyone should leverage YouTube itself for its massive audience, and while there are clearly some benefits to using YouTube, (mainly - it is free) there are reasons why a business may choose a custom video platform solution for their own website (player customization and content rights to name a few).  Even more important to me, is the fact that currently the easiest way to get your own site's video thumbnails to show up in Google Universal search (pointing to your url vs YouTube's), is to use a platform other than YouTube to power your website videos.

All that being said, with more than 60 platform solutions that I can think of myself, it can quickly become overwhelming to choose a custom video hosting/streaming platform service.  Our friend Kristopher Drey created a comparison tool and directory of online video platforms (OVPs), VidCompare.  I interviewed Kris a few months back and asked him to tell us a bit more about the service and to provide some tips as to what to consider when shopping for an online video platform solution.

What to Consider when Shopping for an Online Video Platform

Kris provided a few good tips in our interview and also authored an in-depth article on ReelSEO about what to consider when shopping for a custom online video platform.

Start with your use case:

Know exactly what you are going to use video for before you get started."

Kick the tires:

Almost all of these OVPs have a free trial of some sort.  Log in, upload a video, get a feel for that UI once you are logged in because you are going to be spending some time there."

Cover your butt:

Ask them upfront what their migration policy is.  Is that content yours after it has been encoded?  Can you get it content back?  What is it going to take to migrate those videos over to a new OVP?"

About Vidcompare

The online video platforms have really been popping up a lot...  This industry needs a place to help marketer's get started...  how to get your foot in the door with regard to online video platforms, how to compare them, how many are out there, look at them side-by-side, see their video player in action...  learn about their features and pricing.

It serves two fold.  One, it helps the marketer find the right solutions for their needs and two, it helps all these OVPs get eyeballs and get leads and get customers."

So, if you are in the market for a custom online video hosting platform solution, VidCompare is a good place to start. You can visit their site or use the tool below to begin your search.

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  • liliag

    The migration policy is very important as more and more people realize their blogs need a better hosting service. I for one switched to my very own Windows dedicated server since my blog has been up and running for the last two years and can't hold all the articles and images I upload. When I moved it from free hosting to my own server I had a lot of problems. Lucky for me I was using Disqus for my comments and I managed to take them all on the new hosing. Some of my videos suffered so I started using only youtube but there are things I can't find there and need other players that don't act well on migration.

  • Dave Charbonneau

    Thanks for the article and sharing the tools. As popular as video is becoming, searching for non-YouTube-ish players/services out there is quite taxing.

  • Andy

    Nice! FINALLY .......a place to compare all of these. One of or producers a while back chose videobloom for us ..... but now I am thinking I may take a look at my options. GREAT VIDEO and Idea!


  • MeredithTreinen

    Nice writeup Mark. Kris has done a great job with VidCompare...its a great resource for marketers (and working within the OVP space I've found it to be a valuable tool as well).

  • Margaret Thatcher

    About time! So much out there, who has time to wade thru the morass of molasses! Thanx VidCompare - a truly valuable service that takes the guess work out of online video.

  • Johnson Drake

    Great writeup... I never knew about VidCompare, but definitely bookmarked it! Awesome site, thank you for the tip Mark!