Help ReelSEO Create The First Internet Video Dictionary!

Help ReelSEO Create The First Internet Video Dictionary!Today we kick off our ReelSEO glossary of new online video terms, or as I refer to it, our new "Vic-tionary." Our ReelSEO dictionary is a whopping one word, but its got to start somewhere.  Today's term is "vididata" (noun) -  a collection of information, a.k.a., "metadata," for video content. 

Thought of "vidi-data" by accident, when I was doing a recent podcast show and my brain was going faster than my mouth, and put the two words together. So what could have been a passing flub became an epiphany. Why not look for other word combinations and terminologies that make a heck of a lot more sense and convenience when they can be applied to online video marketing and Video SEO? I personally know of no other site that is putting together their own video terms, yet I'm sure many of you readers have thought of your own or have been inspired to.

So lets get it started here! Lets see if there's an interest in creating a ReelSEO internet video dictionary from submissions, and I'll continue to do the same, especially if its a happy accident. Send your submissions to and put in the subject line "video glossary." Here is the criteria for submissions:

  1. Mention if its a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc.
  2. Give a clear definition or definitions of what it means. (Remember, it has to be about internet video! Submissions that can be shown online video marketing in some way will be given preference, too.)
  3. Optional and recommended: show at least one example of how it would be used.

Below is an example using my own new term. As we get fancier we can break it up into syllables and phonetics, so we're not all prouncing it different in our heads. ;)


(noun) vi-di-data

  1. a collection of information, a.k.a., "metadata," for video content.
  2. metadata fields that are used to index and organize video content in an internal or external library or search engine. "Give me my damn vidi-data NOW you low level flunkee! I don't have time to explain what I mean! Go to ReelSEO and find out!"

Just remember that this needs to be an original term if you want to be given credit for it, and if we use it we'll link back to your site.

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