In the fast-paced world we live in today, technology is continually growing and advancing. Between the internet, cell phones and spy-like watches, there are a million and one ways to communicate. Whether you want to send an idea, an image or an entire completed project to another individual, technology is evolving to find the best way for you to get your message across. There has always been the option of sending pictures through phone or email, and now, producing a video specifically for communicating through email is just as easy.

You no longer need to drop a few grand to have a professionally shot and edited video. With the right tools and the right platform, creating your own footage is a piece of cake. Also, you don’t have to worry about scaling down the size of your videos so they can fit into a single email. If you do it right, using a video in your next email could have a very positive impact for your company.

Get Started With Video In Email: What To Consider

When preparing a video for inclusion in an email, there are a few things you have to plan ahead of time. This list includes how you are shooting the video, the video length, the video host and the actual setup of the video, which includes creating a captivating title and description.

#1 Use the best video equipment you have to hand: Ideally, you'll have access to a DSLR but if that's out of your price range in the early stages of video production then consider using a smartphone. With the hi-definition recording capabilities and applications like Paper Camera or 8mm, you still have the option of filtering your video and incorporating other stylistic measures.

#2 Keep your video short. Not only are longer videos usually too big to attach to emails, they also increase the chances of losing the attention of your audience. Keeping videos between one and two minutes long is just enough to intrigue your audience but prevent giving too much away. A series of shorter videos creates much more impact than one extremely long video.

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#3 Think about video hosting. If you are sending this video to multiple recipients, you need to have the video hosted so that everyone can have access to it. One of the most popular options today is YouTube. It’s simple and it’s free; what more could you ask for? YouTube also provides you with tons of storage space if you choose to build your own online channel. By using YouTube as your host, sending your videos to clients is as simple as embedding the link in your email and clicking ‘Share.’

#4 Create a great email around the video. Use a compelling title to encourage a high click through rate. Introduce your video with a relevant thumbnail include a strong call to action.

The Right Kind Of Video Content

According to some surveys, training courses are the most successful videos to include in an email. Product demonstrations and promotions are next, followed closely by customer testimonials. Depending on your reasoning behind including videos in any marketing emails, these statistics may alter your expectations. For example, a lawyer is more likely to include a customer testimonial in his email. However, if you are looking to expand your contract business, you may include some short do-it-yourself videos for small projects and include ideas for bigger projects that your audience will need to call on you to have finished for them.

Incorporating videos into email is an effective way of grabbing the attention of others. If you target the right audience, including a video in your email blasts could be a great addition to your marketing strategy.

  • VideoIgniter

    RE: Hosting options, we specifically use Wistia for email video marketing because of the baked in analytics and the fact that leads can convert through the video itself by clicking a call to action overlaid on top of the video or by entering their email address to be contacted by our sales team (their email address can automatically be ported into alternate email newsletter/contact lists).

  • John Warne

    This is the best and well explained article on video email marketing. Thanks

  • Emailer Go

    Nice article. Ensure you are using tools to capture email addresses once the video has been played.

  • Dave Holland

    Hi Courtney - just to add a helpful comment - its important to note that unless you use a hosting company like - then the video will not embed or play within the recipients inbox. Having the video actually play in the email itself is such a WOW factor that it trumps linking off to a video elsewhere every time.

  • Chummy

    I meant a hosted (YouTube) VIDEO...

  • Chummy

    I'm a bit confused Courtney. Are you suggesting attaching the video as a file to an email or including a link to a hosted email? Is it possible to embed the video in an email so that the recipient can view it directly.

    • Dave Holland

      Yes if you use

  • Edwin Torres

    Really interesting article on email marketing. I love how the times are changing and list building is innovating so much! Friken video inside of emails?! Amazing :)

    • Douglas Tufts

      I have been using video email marketing for two years. It is a great tool to help your contacts remember who you are.

  • Ethan Beute

    Thanks for writing about video email, Courtney. It's felt like video in email has been ready to tip for a few years, but many are more intimidated or dismissive than they need be. It's a wonderful opportunity and it's a very effective way to connect with people.

    We view the video as a part of the email, rather than the email as mere delivery mechanism for the video. They can and should work together. It brings the message to life and adds a very human element.

    We see individuals, businesses, and organizations of all kinds using nicer cameras like DSLRs, as well as simple devices like webcams, smartphones, and tablets. With the latter, it's more about using video as an eye-to-eye medium than it is about polish. "Good enough" is far easier to reach than many people think.

    Thanks again!
    Ethan, BombBomb Video Email

  • Benjamin Bernstein

    We recently released a video email feature at Viewbix and tested it out in our marketing emails. We saw that our CTR basically doubled by adding video to email. I used to have reservations about using video in email (mostly because many servers block it) but this convinced me pretty quickly