Reel Video Discovery and Video SEO Webinar

Reel Video Discovery and Video SEO WebinarLast week, I had the privledge of speaking along with Marcien Jenckes, Co-President of Grab Networks, in a free webinar produced by around the topic of Video SEO.  Dan Rayburn moderated the event which was titled, "The 'Reel' Story on Getting your Online Video Discovered.”

My focus was to provide a high-level overview of video search, video discovery along with a few definitions and tips for Video SEO.  Marcien, from Grab Networks, then went into a bit more depth with regard to tactics that can be utilized to garner greater search engine visibility, in particular with regard to automated tactics for those with large video libraries.  If you did not have the opportunity to view the webinar, there are a few options available to you.

1) The webinar will be archived for 90 days at Streaming Media - Here.  I suggest that if you have the time, signup and watch the web event replay as it has all the slides (which can be downloaded), poll questions, and audience questions.

2) Additionally, I have included my slides from the event below.   I think the slides and accompanying research do a good job to convey the case for optimizing video content for the web.  IE, if you ever had the question, "why is video SEO important in the first place", hopefully my slides will help to answer that question.

A couple notes on my slides and presentation:

  • As stated above, my main goal here was to provide a background of video discovery along with some research as to why video SEO in the first place.  With that in mind, I did not dive too deep into optimization tactics, though there are some "Top" strategies and tactics to pay attention to towards the end of my presetation.  I definitely recommend viewing the webinar replay in its entirety if you have the time as Marcien did a great job diving more into methods and best practices for optimizing video.
  • With regard to "video search," it is important to note that when I speak of video search, I am not only referring to video search engines like Truveo, blinkx, videosurf, etc....  Rather, I am referring to any and all platforms that consumers use to search for video content online.  This includes video search engines, video sharing websites, as well as general search engines.  All are important when it comes to discovery of online video content.
  • Regarding the first slide, the diagram that is pictured was my attempt to show the flow in which consumer facing search engines follow to discover, index and catalogue video content.  Keep in mind, Im a marketer, so any IT folks out there, dont laugh too hard ;-)  In all seriousness though, would love to know your thoughts, revisions, etc....
  • Lastly, though I did not cover youtube optimization tactics in depth, I can't stress enough how important the 800 lb. gorilla is here - YouTube.  If you aren't leveraging YouTube, you are missing out on the 2nd largest search engine, and really, the #1 search destination when it comest to online video.  More on that within.

At the peak of the webinar, there were 219 people online, and even 45 minutes into it, there were still 216 participating attendees.  We even continued 15 minutes past the scheduled hour to try and address some questions from the audience and I am told that more than 80% stayed on for this.  So, overall, the feedback was great and thank you to those that attended.

Also, Id like to express sincere thanks and give a shout out to Grab Networks for inviting me to be a part of the webinar along with everyone that helped to it put together, including but not limited to: Michael Gatzke (Grab Networks), Melissa Coyle (Director of Marketing Programs at Blue Point Venture Marketing), Marcien Jenkes (Co-President of Grab Networks), Dan Rayburn (EVP of Streaming Media), Joel Unickow (Publisher of Streaming Media), and DawnEl Harris (Web Events Director).

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