At the recent Streaming Media West 2009 show, Rico Nasol, Content Team Senior Manager at spoke on the video commerce session about what they're doing with video and how effective it is. It's so interesting that we had to talk about it as well. Since they had $1.2 Billion in sales last year, they seem to know a thing or two.

Rico was interviewed by Peter Cervieri of at the show (see video below) and talked about how they're using video to drive sales. They use the video to describe, use and demonstrate the products with real Zappos employees and not models or actors. Those videos are said to have a sales impact of 6 to 30% which has prompted Zappos to strive for 50,000 videos next year (they have about 8,000 currently). That will include 10 fully working studios for 2010 to handle all of it.

What's their secret? Well if we had to guess we'd say it's a combination of how they're presenting the products with who they are using to do it. The real people stand out and each has their own personality which comes through in their videos. That gives you the sense that they truly are real and, while being paid to make the videos, not paid just to say what they're told to.

Rico also said that the personality and person most definitely have to suit the product. So you can't pull in a corporate lawyer and have him talk about skater gear or how his Big Star Beanie keeps his head warm while he's grinding down a handrail at the local library.

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Additionally, last month Zappos partnered with Overlay.TV and rolled out "Engagement Pages" for specific brands (see Nike example) where the videos engage users with clickable overlays. These overlays allow users to shop within the video content, pull up additional information and click through to product specific landing pages. Users can also record product video testimonials directly from the engagement pages.

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If you are interested in learning more about online video for commerce, stay tuned this week as our friend Justin Foster, Founder of the Video Commerce Consortium, has provided us with some great material that will help to outline best practices for creating e-commerce video that sells.

  • SEO Altiona

    I can't belive I bumped on this video just now. And it's still very valuable for all us who are interested in make ROI bigger and keep visitors on site longer. Great expirience.

  • Charlotte Bieri

    There's two sides of the coin to video marketing - those who actually know what they're doing, and those whom technology has enabled to make video - but have no idea what they're doing. I strongly encourage those in the latter category to pay the money for a professional - otherwise it's like having your nephew build your corporate website.

  • Viral videos

    This is a proof that viral videos is a real thing when it comes in advertising

  • Philipp

    Great interview. It's amazing how much power they put in to produce videos.
    I'm really exited about the good feedback for InVideo-Shopping as we provide a technology that enables in video purchase.

    • andrew

      Dear Philipp - enjoyed seeing your interview in Munchen. Just wondered how long it took to get the company up and running? Did you have clients already or did you go to them once you had the set-up in place? Danke - ANDREW

      • Philipp

        We've developt the first version together with the client. Since then selling and improving.
        Please feel free to connect on Linkedin/XING.

  • Mark R Robertson

    Good question. I dont know of too many online tools that help with that. Ill have to look into that. One that can help with creating animated cartoon videos and is pretty cool is

  • Diana

    what kind of tools is required to produce animated video? I find animated videos are lot more amusing that regular videos.

  • Michael Locke

    Nice! As a huge fan of video marketing, this is a great testimony to the effectiveness of video. I think the important thing here is the use of "real employees" and not actors. I think this is huge with building trust. Consumers relate more to real people rather than paid actors. Benefits are huge especially when using actual employees.

  • Dugdale

    Wow, how can they produce that many videos in one day? They must do 0 pre-production, they must turn on the camera and roll with one take.