Every week we bring you The Reel Web, ReelSEO’s very own video series featuring news and notes from around the online video world. We also include a weekly video producer tip–some piece of advice or instruction that video producers can put into action right away to help improve their content and their video marketing. 

Because some readers have found these tips to be pretty useful, we’ve decided to break them out on their own to begin building a library of The Reel Web video producer tips as an easy access resource for filmmakers.

The first weekly online video producer tip from The Reel Web is all about making it easier for your viewers to share your video:

Don’t focus just on getting views. Try to boost user engagement. Here are some of the ways you can do that, taken from of this week’s video producer tip:

  1. Ask viewers to share the video.
  2. Use clicktotweet.com so viewers can easily tweet your video.
  3. If you can’t ask viewers to share within your video, ask using an annotation instead.
  4. What goes around comes around. If you want people to share your video, be pretty active in sharing other people’s videos.