Video Content Drives Social Engagement, Gains Ground on Mobile [Report]

Video Content Drives Social Engagement, Gains Ground on Mobile [Report]

A new report from Adobe shows the formidable impact that video content is having on our online viewing habits and how publishers and marketers can benefit from this upward trend by understanding what the public wants. The U.S. Digital Video Benchmark 2012 Review, which draws its data from just under 20 billion video starts on media websites as well as 10 billion videos ads served by Adobe media customers alongside 450 million Facebook posts, states that video content has twice the social engagement of text, links and static images. Not only is the medium finding success on social network sites, the report finds that mobile video views increased by a staggering 300% in 2012, and accounts for 10.4% of all video starts.

Adobe even made a video of the report so let's take a look at that first for a quick overview:

Mobile Video

Although viewers in the US still continue to watch the majority of the video content via their PCs, consumption via mobile devices increased significantly last year. Mobile video views are up by 300% which makes up 10.4% of all video starts.

Video Content Drives Social Engagement, Gains Ground on Mobile [Report]

Video viewing via tablet devices tends to peak at the weekends and is driven by longer form content such as sports, films and TV shows. Mobile viewing habits tend to favour video consumption on a Monday, Thursday and Sunday and revolves around "content snacking" of shorter video clips.

Video Content Drives Social Engagement, Gains Ground on Mobile [Report]

Social Media

In 2012, video social engagement rose from 42% to 70% the year before with the viral reach of video content (the number of people who discover a video via a friend or a brand they follow) accounted for 77% of ALL reach via social networking sites. That compares to 55% for non-video content. Adobe found that this type of video also has a much higher completion rate. People are taking the time to watch the whole thing if the recommendation has come via their social circle.

Facebook still has the lead when it comes to these social referrals but Twitter is three times more likely to generate referral traffic for videos than other types of content such as text links or images.

Video Content Drives Social Engagement, Gains Ground on Mobile [Report]

You can download the report from Adobe here for further information on last year's video trends in content and advertising.

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  • G-Box.TV

    Interesting findings in the report. It is also important for businesses to make sure that the videos they create are encoded properly (optimised) for a range of mobile and tablet devices to ensure that the video offers a quality streaming experience.

  • Carl Hartman

    Still the old model of sticking TV commercials on to content. Definitely not the future of using video to market online.