In this week's Creator's Tip video, we talk to Nathan Engels, the creator of and contributor to TLC's Extreme Couponing series.  Nathan gives us his insights to the benefits of video for promoting your site or blog and how online video, and YouTube, have been an integral and important piece for developing and growing their social media marketing strategy.

For those of you who haven't heard of Nathan Engels or his popular site, we feel that Nathan is a Social Media Guru Genius.  He has over 100,000 likes on his Facebook page, a hugely successful forum that has 200,000+ visitors and recently started utilizing his YouTube channel to further promote his site.

When Nathan first started out he was interested in video and YouTube but was only utilizing it as a place to hold all his videos he wanted to share through his blog.  He has since come to realize the power that YouTube can have for bloggers, people in social media or just regular businesses trying to promote their website or grow their social media presence.  People online are looking to engage and feel a connection.  Videos provides a personal touch that can't quite be reached with just the use of words and photos alone.    As Nathan puts it,

"We say pictures are worth a thousand words, well videos are literally worth a million because you can see the person, feel the person adn you can sense them through online video..."

He goes on to say that watching a short video gets viewers personally invested in you to the point where they will start to look forward to future videos you put out as they become a loyal follower and reader.

QUESTION:   Do you think that video is an integral part of any social media marketing strategy? How has video affected your social media presence?