During my recent tour of Machinima, I got a chance to talk to a lot of great people, including company CEO Allen DeBevoise. One of the topics we spent some time discussing is video advertising and video monetization--how Machinima makes money from their videos and how the future of "content as marketing" is very bright indeed.

Here's a pretty powerful quote from the interview that illustrates the Machinima philosophy pretty well:

Yeah we see – clearly all of the pre-roll units really work in this TrueView video format on YouTube is really doing very well. And I think the movie business and gaming business specifically is really interested in. But you know the value we bring to the table is you can buy these traditional ad units, but then we do custom content, we have our influencers deal with a topic so if it's a movie or it's technology or it's a game or whatever the case might be, we can add a lot of value to the actual campaign when someone's trying to introduce a new game into the market or you know a new phone or whatever the case might be.

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    Hi there. Does anybody know how to contact machinima's advertiser managers? I want to set up collaboration with them but they don't answer on my requests sent via contact form at

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