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We know from industry research that online video ads often outperform other advertising mediums such as banners and text links. Unfortunately, many web site owners with small to medium sized businesses assume that video advertising is complex and expensive. Furthermore, most are not educated as to how to obtain high-quality, targeted traffic from videos. So how can small to medium sized businesses get quality traffic with video advertising?

I spoke with Tom Zorde, founder of, who told us how his company is assisting small and medium sized businesses with effective video advertising. What I find interesting about this platform is that it is the first that I am aware of, that provides video ad traffic through the choice of a free exchange where your video is shown in return for you watching others and a Pay Per Click (PPC) network where your videos are featured and played on a network of sites until the purchased level of clicks are delivered. While I have not yet tried this service, it is an interesting idea.

Tom Zorde explains to us what he believes are some common misconceptions about video advertising:

"Let me explain the misconception people have about video ads.

Effective video ads do not need Hollywood style cinematography or a high propensity to go viral. Sure, these elements are favorable if you're looking to target large video sharing communities like YouTube, but realistically these sites will leave most advertisers disappointed with the results.

What really makes a video ad effective, is the unique value proposition communicated and the ability of the video to maintain the viewers' attention. High quality traffic is the result of pre-educated visitors who arrive at your web site with the intention to act on a call to action. Video is the perfect medium to entice prospects, educate them about your offer and prompt them to take action.

At we have many members promoting their websites through self-produced 30 seconds video ads. Using free software like Windows Movie Maker you can quickly create an image slide show with transition effects, background music and voice-over narration.

Advertisers looking to use video ads should be weary of the idea that high trafficked social video sites are the ideal place for their video ads due to their free nature. These sites are designed to encourage viewer choice and are littered with distractions, mainly other videos competing for attention.

Additionally, many of the video sharing sites are starting to ban commercial advertising content as it is seen as spam that degrades the site and seeks only to siphon away traffic.

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are effective when using video ads because the advertiser only pays for the resulting traffic, not for video plays. This allows you to educate your prospect about what you do and do not offer before you pay for their click-through."

About Leads by Video:

LeadsByVideo is a platform that allows advertisers to test both the click-through and conversion rate of their video ads in a cost free and attention assured environment. Time-poor advertisers have the option of purchasing professionally produced video ads from $79 and PPC video ad traffic from 13.6c per click. LeadsbyVideo also offers several inexpensive video ad creation packages for those who want a 30 sec. video ad on a low budget.

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