Can Verizon And Redbox Team Up To Kill Netflix?

Can Verizon And Redbox Team Up To Kill Netflix?

Rumors began circling this week that Verizon might be planning some kind of content distribution service--a Netflix competitor, if you will. There were a great many people quick to jump to judgement, suggesting the company would be getting in over their head. But now new reports have surfaced linking Verizon's efforts to a partner that could deliver any resources they need: Redbox.

Verizon And Redbox, Sitting In A Tree

According to TechCrunch, Redbox is already planning their own Netflix killer for next Spring. Called "Project Zoetrope, it would have streaming and downloadable content, and would be compatible with most of the common set-top boxes and mobile operating systems.

So adding Redbox to the equation makes Verizon's plans seem less silly. Verizon and Redbox might actually make ideal partners in a streaming content service, with Verizon already having a great infrastructure for digital delivery. Redbox has relationships with studios and a brand that consumers already know and like.

The timing is perfect, too. Netflix has burned a great many bridges this year. And despite promising new content deals and announcements (Arrested Development, anyone?), there may have already been enough PR damage for Netflix that a solid competitor could grab an easy foothold in a lucrative business.

I'm already a Verizon customer, and I've used Redbox enough to be familiar with it. I like both brands, and would definitely be curious to see what their Netflix competitor might look like.

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