Video Viewing Duration Doubles At Veoh After Qlipso Acquisition

Video Viewing Duration Doubles At Veoh After Qlipso Acquisition

Qlipso has announced that it has integrated its multiuser content-sharing platform into This has seemed to work on the video front as the duration of viewing has doubled.

Qlipso purchased Veoh in Spring 2010. Since then, Veoh continues to draw strong usage among core and new users, with more than 12 million unique monthly visitors in June 2010.

They say that through the innovative social features that they've implemented, user engagement is continually growing. The average duration of videos watched on the site exceeded 10 minutes per video in June. That beats the pants of the 4 minutes per video average comScore reported in June.

They also say that user consumption has reached 20 minutes, but that must be the upper level and not any kind of average and perhaps a total time per session using the social features and watching videos come to think of it.

Qlipso says that their hare Live With Friends" tab, loaded right into the player, allows its users to share media and interact socially -- in real time -- with others, represent themselves as 3D animated avatars as well as chat live via instant messaging, voice chat and live webcams.

That's all sorts of online video usage right there.

"We've made tremendous progress by implementing Qlipso's innovative social features onto the global Veoh portal within 100 days from the acquisition," said Jon Goldman, CEO of Qlipso. "With a strong team in locations around the world, we are working to overhaul the user experience to bring multi-user interaction to the world of mainstream content like videos and music."

More than 2,000 new users per day are registering for multi-user video viewing with Qlipso. Over 10,000 daily visitors are sampling the Qlipso experience, where 20% of registrants have never visited Veoh before.

None of these numbers have been verified by an independent third party. However, it's not really a surprise that social features are extending the session lengths, especially if you can have a video open and chat at the same time. Of course, I can do that on Facebook or with YouTube and an instant messenger program as well as the sharing. I cannot, in fact, go check out Veoh because, well, they don't serve the Czech Republic.

Veoh is no longer available in CZECH REPUBLIC. If you are not in CZECH REPUBLIC or think you have received this message in error, please go to and report the issue.

Pst!!! Tha't's the last time I give them some publicity...

Social features can quite possibly drive video viewing. I do watch a lot of video on Facebook that is shared by friends and in turn share some of it when then gets watched by some of my other friends. That's the whole point of the social networks though. Of course, most of that video is only a few minutes in length.

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