Veoh Launches Behavioral Targeting for Online Video Ads

Veoh Launches Behavioral Targeting for Online Video AdsVeoh Networks (, the world's most comprehensive Internet Television service, today announced the launch of a new behavioral targeting system that allows marketers to connect with Veoh viewers based on their video viewing passions and interests. The new system, which is currently in beta, combines video consumption, searching, browsing and community activity data from Veoh's more than 28 million viewers to deliver branded ads and content to viewers across multiple lifestyle and interest categories.

"With more than a billion video views every quarter, Veoh is in the unique position to observe viewer behaviors and patterns across various forms and sources of content at an unprecedented scale," said Steve Mitgang, Chief Executive Officer, Veoh Networks, In. "By helping marketers connect with their target consumers - no matter what type or length of video they're watching - Veoh is unlocking the tremendous opportunity in Internet video advertising."

Veoh's unique targeting capability provides marketers an effective way to reach audiences across the full breadth of video content available on the Web -- from network TV shows to made-for-web series to popular independently-produced video. For example, if an advertiser wishes to target tech and gaming buffs in a video-rich environment, Veoh can deliver that audience both when they're watching related videos and when they're watching other types of programming on Veoh. Similarly, if a brand wishes to reach people who watch a particular show, Veoh's new system can deliver that company's ads or branded entertainment to fans of that show across all forms and lengths of content on Veoh.

"Audiences - in addition to content - are becoming increasingly important to our clients as they consider advertising in video-rich environments," said Christine Peterson, VP and NY Media Director, Carat. "We're very pleased to see that Veoh recognizes this and is providing brands with the behavioral targeting capabilities and insights needed to succeed in the online video space."

Initially, Veoh's new system targets ads and branded content to more than nine interest-based audience segments, and the company can build custom audience categories around an advertiser's specific marketing objectives. Following the beta period, Veoh plans to enhance the system to identify additional audience segments and introduce performance improvements that will help provide even more customized offerings to advertisers. Tests of the new targeting system conducted on Veoh in advance of the beta launch yielded performance lifts of more than 2 times higher than standard ads on Veoh.

On average, Veoh viewers consume more than 100 minutes of video per month on Veoh and spend 44% of their time on Veoh during traditional primetime television viewing hours. The company streamed more than 52 million hours of video in June. For more information about Veoh or to inquire about advertising opportunities, visit:

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