So, youʼve been awarded a contract to shoot a company video. Awesome. But now you need to find a location to film your video. Not so awesome. If your client is like most clients, their office or corporate boardroom probably provides a wide range of less-than-desirable options - shooting into the A/V corner; towards a malnourished ficus; or into a flat white wall. If youʼre looking for a way to add clean, professional look to your interviews, then using a green screen is a good way to go.

Benefits of Using A Green Screen

Shooting against a green screen has several benefits and provides a lot of good creative options for use in post-production. Here are a few reasons to film a subject in front of a green screen:


Green screen provides flexibility in dealing with multiple locations. Rather than developing a set in different office locations, you can use a green screen environment. It adds a level of consistency in case one office looks a lot better than another.


On that note, the portability of green screen is very helpful. Once you get the hang of lighting the green screen (and the subject), itʼs a pretty quick and easy set up. You can take it anywhere... providing the client has a big enough room. If not, try renting a conference room at a nearby hotel.

Save Time

A production crew can set up and tear down a set in about an hour. By using a green screen, you avoid having to wander around an office looking for props or other colorful elements to add to the background. This is especially helpful if you have a full day of interviews planned.


If youʼre shooting green screen, then youʼve blocked out the ambient light... which means you donʼt have to spend all day adjusting for the change in the sunlight. Aside from flopping the key, youʼre pretty much good to go as far as the lighting is concerned (unless youʼre swapping out backgrounds for different people).

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Green screen interviews also provide a great opportunity to brand the piece with a company's identity. You can add textures, colors and other branding elements to the background in order to make the video standout. The green screen also allows you to modify the video if an organization changes branding. So, you wonʼt have to throw away any good can just swap out the background and youʼll be in line with the new brand.

Extended Usability

Shooting all your interviews against a green screen makes it easier to revisit projects in the future, and update any changes that might have taken place with company branding. In addition, you can shoot extra interviews in the future and easily incorporate them in the existing video.

With these elements in mind, shooting a day full of interviews against a green screen is a great way to go. Now, all you have to do is prep for it!

  • Salt Lake City Studio

    Right. I am a novice when it comes to green screen. I know that setting up a green screen is not as easy as ABC. You need to properly set up all the needed equipment to achieve a great result, whether it is photography or a video shoot.

  • Adrian Castro

    Hey Chad. I was wondering if you have been successful in adding talking heads shot with a green screen background and make it appear on a word press blog? I have been looking for a decent plugin to support green screen work. Any recommendations?

    • Issam Alshaer

      after effect from adobe

  • Tim Schmoyer

    There are some benefits to green screens, but there are also a lot of drawbacks, which is why I don't use them more often. The most notable drawbacks are the time it takes in post production, increased rendering times, and a look that might not feel as professional.

  • Michael Simpson

    The client being chained to the office is all too real and the chains can only be broken if an edict comes from on high. I have found that a flexible 5x7 foot green screen sold by Tube Tape is a great alternative. It doesn't need a crew, I do it by myself in less then a minute. Stand it up against a wall, light it, then the talent and you are ready to roll. You can do an almost full body shot if talent is not moving by using a "garbage matte" in Premiere Pro. Saves time and therefore money and you just might get more videos to do from the client because you don't need hours from talent.