Best Video Marketing Tip Winners: Knowing Customer Pain & Having A Good Call To Action

Best Video Marketing Tip Winners: Knowing Customer Pain & Having A Good Call To Action

About a week ago, we announced a ReelSEO video marketing tips contest, with two winners gaining free entry into this year's Blogworld conference in L.A. And while we were surprised we didn't see a few more entries, we were nonetheless impressed with the video marketing tips that were presented, and we thought we'd share some of them with you.

How-to, Answer, & Call to Action

We broke the winners into two categories, since we accepted entries in both video and text formats: best overall tip, and best overall video submission. The best overall tip winner was Dan Safkow, with his entry, "How to Create a Simple and Effective Video Marketing Content Strategy." Check it out:

Dan's created a system he calls "H.A.C." which stands for:

  1. How-to
  2. Answer
  3. Call to Action

It's simple but useful, direct and to the point. There's humor there, and great visual aids and graphics as well. All in all, very well done, and quite deserving of a free pass to Blogworld.

Know & Address Your Customers' Pain

Steven Washer was our winner for best overall video submission. Everything is very professionally done, from the audio to the lighting to the background music. He's got a smooth voice, and easygoing delivery, and is completely comfortable on camera. Steven's tip could have been terrible, and he probably still would have won best video... but thankfully, his tips are pretty great too! Take a look:

Here are some key takeaways from Steve's video:

  • Video marketing isn't about communication, but rather it's about infection.
  • The lion's share of business goes to companies that know their customers' pain better than the customers do.
  • Directly address your customers' deepest fears and hopes.

Congratulations to both our winners on excellent video marketing tips!

Runner Ups:

We had some other great entries as well, in no particular order:

"How To Create An Engaging Video Without Spending a Dime" by Hani Mourra of

"Best Practices for Web Video Production" by Tony Yang of

"Online Video Tips with Steve Garfield at BlogWorld 2010" by Linda Sherman of Kauai Marketing.

Steve Garfield's tip to always be prepared for the opportunistic video is one that I live by. I carry compact video equipment when I go to conferences and I always tuck in our pro Audio Technica microphone to make sure that I can get adequate sound quality under difficult conditions.

"Video Tips for Content & Performance" Jessica Bern of
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Thank you to all for your participation and for sharing these great video tips with our readers.

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  • Linda Sherman Gordon

    Let's do this again next year!

  • Barbara Erickson

    Grateful to have your information! Thank you.

  • Hani Mourra

    Congrats Dan and Steven...your videos rocked! Mark Robertson, did you catch my bacon joke at the 1:15 min mark? It was especially for you :)

    • Mark Robertson

      OMG no.. Im going right now to rewatch.. LOL... I HATE BACON.. ;-) If I had caught that, you would have won... hehe

    • Mark Robertson

      pS, we need to get you some lights ;-)

    • Steven Washer

      Thanks, Hani! And thanks, Mark! I feel like I won the lottery, only without the trailer and 40 new relatives :)

    • Hani Mourra

      @[1177363116:2048:Mark Robertson] LOL...Canadian bacon is my favourite! :)

    • Hani Mourra

      @[1177363116:2048:Mark Robertson] Light donations are always accepted here...LOL. I recorded and edited that video literally in a couple of hours and submitted seconds before the deadline :) I wanted to make sure the content was there and didn't bother to setup the proper lights (I wish I did though)

  • Steven Washer

    Thanks ReelSEO! Finally, all those hours running around in YouTube tube socks pay off! :)

  • Video Leads Online

    Congrats to the winners... are you guys going to wear YouTube Tube Socks?

    • Mark Robertson

      Actually, they get full-access passes to Blogworld Next week... no socks this time ;-)

  • Dan Safkow

    Thanks ReelSEO. You're my favorite new media news source and I look forward to seeing you at Blogworld!

    • Mark Robertson

      Thank you Dan. That must mean that we're doing our jobs. Im looking forward to meeting you at the show as well.