It's important to know how to use online video to humanize your brand, company, service, product, or even yourself. Making a promotional video or a commercial is one thing, but online video gives you the unique advantage to build a human connection and emotional engagement with your viewers. That's how we ultimately build an audience and help people really connect with the message or brand we're a part of.

For this week's Creators Tip video, I spoke with Kevin Nalty, a YouTube marketing genius, about how to use online video to humanize your brand or company and how to use online video to really make that emotional human connection with viewers. We discussed four ways to help that connection take place using online video.

QUESTION: What works for you when using video to "humanize" your brand?

  • Jesse Razo

    We are just getting into video, so what would you recommend for equipment for good video and more importantly good audio, hate video with really poor audio?

  • Sean Michael Mitchell

    A common fear among those considering doing video is the fear of messing up. Great point that the imperfections can humanize you and the brand. In the event that your organization does not want that "humanization," I think it's great to remind people that unlike presentations and live recordings, video gives you the opportunity to redo a take if you don't like.

    • Tim Schmoyer

      Yeah. I think our desire to want to make everything perfect might stem out of insecurity. Once you begin to feel comfortable and secure with the camera, your content, and your audience, I think you start to feel a lot more freedom to just be you.