For last week's Producer Tip, we looked at how to use online video to drive traffic to your website. If you haven't seen that video yet, it is somewhat of a precursor to this video, so watch it here first. Once you've watched that video, this video builds upon it and gives stats and ideas on how to use video on your website to keep visitors there. We look at ways to make your website sticky so that once a visitor comes to your website, they stay engaged for a long period of time because of the video content you have available.

Practical Tips On How To Use Video To Engage Website Visitors

We'll cover the statistics first so you can see how website visitors engage with video and then, based on that information, review some practical ideas and steps for how to use online video to make your website sticky and engaging for your website's visitors.


  • Toby Richards

    your numbers are wrong - according to the website, only 26% watched at least one video.

  • Anthony Nitz

    Didn't see the Red Giant link so I dug it up and here it is. Unfortunately for me the offer is only for "Offer for Adobe After Effects CS5 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Users" I'm using Sony Vegas Pro. Would have loved to play around with it. It seems their products are available for Sony Vegas Pro but not for the free promo.

    • ReelSEO

      Sorry you had to dig for it. The link is below the video on YouTube. If you can't find a link here, next time try there. Sorry for the trouble!

    • Anthony Nitz

      Yeah, I usually watch the vids on your site that I follow back from the email digest I get. Will check Youtube next time if I can't find something.