One thing that is seldom posted about (as far as I can tell) is the issue of usability standards for online video platforms and online video players.

There is a great post over at Online Video Watch, titled, "The Importance of Control In Player Development," that touches on this topic where it relates to the development of an online video experience.

In this post, the author talks about the need to develop online video players in a modular way so as to be able to quickly adapt to new technologies and to maintain control over the user experience.  As part of this, the author recommends that companies implementing online video solutions should consider the flexibility of the partner and keep in mind that with this rapidly changing medium, one partner may not suffice.

"As the online video market creeps toward maturity there are several divergent strategies which have come about. Initially the heavy lifting of creating a unique player was farmed out to the likes of Maven and Brightcove, newer entrants Narrowstep and PermissionTV offer similar solutions which are particularly useful for companies that can't afford their own developers.

But for larger companies the trend has been toward companies like Move Networks and new entrant Vusion, offering end-to-end player and content delivery solutions. These offer the highest level of user experience one can find today but with them comes reliance and the threat of being locked in should new technology outpace their internal development."

OVW, thanks for sharing this post.  I hope that we begin to see more professionals publish and release research about best practices when it comes to usability and online video.