We have a really simple Creator's Tip for you guys today, because hey, it's Independence Day.  You guys don't want some sort of complex delving into the inner workings of YouTube today, you want to relax.  But this tip, while simple, is something that has value.  There are certain videos that you want to make public, but you don't want to notify your subscribers when it's published.  These kinds of videos could be video responses, or videos you don't necessarily want to "push," but don't mind being available, or just anything you upload that you don't want to spam your subscribers' boxes with.

Uploading Without Spamming

  • First, upload the video and make sure it's set to "private."
  • Then click on Advanced and uncheck the box that says, "Notify Subscribers."

This ensures that the video will be uploaded to your channel, but will not show up in your subscribers' boxes, even when you make it public.

Easy, right?  Have anything to add?  Give us a comment down below or go to the watch page and provide feedback.

  • Jesse Seal

    You can also schedule videos to publish at a later date/time. For example, we filmed 8 videos the other day. Now we have a new video every week for the next 8 weeks. Depending on your filming frequency you could do even more per week.

  • Ferb Huynh

    Very nice, it was so simple but I didn't even know, I was fix up my videos. It's like upload all the old videos with a better quality but I didn't uncheck that box and It was pretty annoying my subscribers - btw, I got some subscribers unsubscribe me ):

    Thank you for your tip - Ferb

  • http://timschmoyer.com/ Tim Schmoyer

    Cool! I think I'd be posting too many videos to my subscribers if I did that, but good to know the possibility exists!

  • alex alaska p

    i did not know this. that's probably why i was getting some of my YT accounts 'terminated'. lol, ya learn something new ev'ry day, go figure. thanx for this, by the way. :)

    • http://timschmoyer.com/ Tim Schmoyer

      You're welcome! :)

  • Anthony Idle

    Thanks Tim
    I've recently been doing daily Instagram videos and hacking them across o YouTube. This might help. Ps video of my hack is here http://youtu.be/hdZjla3mXTo