Universal Search Results - Are Videos Dominant?

Why is Video SEO important? Here is one example; In an article released this past week at Comscore, click-through rates for universal search results pages are analyzed and broken down by results type, video vs. news results, vs images, vs. local, etc....

The "Click Performance Index" below in this chart indicates the likelihood of a click-through occurring on a page as compared to the average click-through rate on Google.

According to comscore.com videos seem to be dominant over other mediums. More users access video and news, followed by images and maps and weather. Youtube is prevailing as the top service for video results on Google.

Universal Search Results   Are Videos Dominant?

Universal Search Results   Are Videos Dominant?

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  • Web Success Diva

    This is good news for those of use who have been using Video in our SEO strategies :-)

    Thank you for sharing!

    Maria Reyes-McDavis