TwitVid Enables Easy Video Sharing for Twitter

First there was Twitmatic, which let you track and find videos being shared on Twitter. Now there's TwitVid which actually lets you share videos on Twitter. Convenient no?

TwitVid helps you to actually share your videos on Twitter which is quite useful really. It utilizes the Twitter API so you can login with your Twitter account which is handy.

TwitVid is pretty simple. The service allows you to upload videos and then Tweet them. There are some really cool features though like real-time uploads which let your followers actually watch the video while you're uploading it. I'm guessing that can't be all that fast if you're doing it from your mobile phone, which they support via email and MMS. You can also use their simple API to upload your videos and upload straight through their site.

There's no mention of upload limits, acceptable formats or anything else. It does allow you to do a real-time video capture from your webcam. There's even a widget, in the form of an iframe, that will let you show the latest videos to be served up to Twitter via the site.

It seems like they are still working on the service as there are no blog entries and very little help. But this is another of those Twitter API services that we can probably expect to see a lot of in the near future. I guess it could be useful in some respects if you were trying to do some viral video marketing as you could quickly Tweet the video and let others re-Tweet it etc.

It could really allow for some interesting as-it-happens video in fact if you can capture and quickly send to the service from your mobile phone via MMS and email. ReelSEO will keep an eye on the service and see how it develops.

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