So, the new YouTube comments system seems to have gone down a treat with users then. Of the thousands of tweets posted since the roll out yesterday, very few seem to be in favour of the upgrade. There is confusion and annoyance at the forced integration with Google+ and massive frustration at not being able to reply to comments already posted.

Although Google confirmed recently that there are 300 Million active subscribers, if you're new to Google+ then you have a bit of a learning curve ahead of you, especially if you aren't connected to anyone or you're not in anyone else's circles. Like any social platform, it takes time to build up those connections and forge meaningful relationships and also to understand how the site works and what you can get out if it. I still think Google+ is a little confused, sitting somewhere between Facebook and LinkedIn, and although change is good and to be encouraged, continually forcing YouTubers down a path they might not necessarily want to take is a risky move. I'm sure many, many words will be written about the new direction YouTube have taken but for now let's take a look at some of the reactions to the new feature.


fuck google




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shitting me




youtube crappier

no one ever



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  • AnnJoyViewster

    This article just reminds me that I love the comments, and bad language is no problem at all if the comments are relevant. Moderating comments doesn't require making the whole system inconvenient to use. Any other changes are not desirable either, if they result in serious inconveniences.

  • Hernán Jaramillo

    what is G+?

  • Hank Oswald

    Youtube really is dead):

  • Bunky Prewster

    You have succeeded again in pissing off every user who goes on youtube.

  • Jill McKeever

    Ok, let me throw in a flaw not mentioned. I have 2 YouTube channels that YouTube has failed to let me combine. Anyhoo.

    On my personal YT channel connected to personal Google+ page, I started a second G+ page for my website/2nd channel followers. (At the time of setup, this was "the thing" to do because Google and YouTube weren't married yet.) So, EVERYONE, friends, followers, and audience are there. Now, my YouTube comments for 2nd channel (the one I really care about) are showing up on the 2nd channel's Google+ page. *crickets chirping*

    UGH! Let's talk about the best way to ask ALL our circles to move over to our other Google+ page. For YouTube publishers that have been slugging along adapting to these integrations, this recent 'improvement' does not work.
    If I was just starting a channel today, all would be fine.

    I hope I've made sense. I'm temporarily blinded by frustration and throttled anger.

    • Davison

      Do not feel alone, for I have exactly the same problem for my channels Onehundredjobs and LOLpervs. Because I wanted to keep my YouTube username instead of using my real name, I had no choice but to create two profiles, as far as I understood. For instance, my old followers for my channel Onehundredjobs, the few that used Google+, are on, but now I have to send my followers/subscribers to my YouTube Also, it seems overly complicated to have to maintain both followers and subscribers. Here's the reaction vlog I created late last night to the comment changes: