In today's post, I dissect the video platform and sharing tool TwitVid right on down to it's SEO visibility; and interview TwitVid's co-founder Mo Adham, where we discuss the business opportunities today with using Twitvid and video in twitter. We also discuss the idea that going super short with your video length, or creating "mirco-videos," is an effective video marketing strategy for the twitter crowd.

TwitVid – The Video Hosting And Sharing Tool For Twitter

As twitter users and most marketers already know, twitter limits you to posting 140 characters of text, which is referred to as a "tweet." But sometimes, as a user, you want to express more in your post to your audience on twitter. And in the case where you want to be a lot more engaging, you can post up a video.

Enter TwitVid, a video sharing tool for twitter with the largest audience and partnership program of any other. The company touts itself as "the fastest and easiest way to automatically share videos with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube," both from your desktop and mobile device, either uploading pre-recorded video or recording it right in the TwitVid platform or app.

If you want to post up a video to twitter, as well as share it with others, then the easiest and fastest way to do so today is using TwitVid. Here's how it works:

  1. You select your video;
  2. You authorize the TwitVid application (or any 3rd party social media application which has a partnership with TwitVid) to access your twitter account;
  3. You enter your tweet, you put in some descriptions of the video and tag and so on, and then you "tweet" the video. (I.e., you post the video on twitter.)

TwitVid's sharing and embedding features are particularly impressive.

  • You have link directly to your TwitVid video, and can also embed the video in a web page
  • You can autoshare your "twitvids" via your YouTube, Facebook, or MySpace account.
  • The TwitVid widget lets you display all of your own TwitVids right on your website.

In terms of technical quality, like most every other video hosting program, you should always try to upload your own pre-recorded videos to TwitVid, rather than rely on it's "record from webcam" feature.

Micro-Video Marketing Strategies Work Best For Twitter

"Micro videos" is a term I've used here earlier describing video on TwitVid (but I'm sure I'm not the first one to have thought if it). Think what micro-blogging is to twitter, micro-videos are to TwitVid – typically 10-30 second clips. Because people use twitter to get quick bits of real-time information, it's good sense to publish videos for a twitter audience to be as brief as possible.

Some good examples I found on TwitVid of micro videos:

  • Governor @Schwarzenegger.
  • College football Coach Corrigan. (He uses TwitVid to answer fans' questions.)
  • D-List celebrity Kathy Griffin

I also found that TwitVid is particularly appealing to iPhone users. That makes good sense, since cell phone with video recording and wi-fi/3G/4G publishing is ideal for micro-videos to social network sites. (Although I personally feel uncomfortable watching so many iPhone videos where it's a vertical dimension rather than a widescreen horizontal one.

Micro Music Videos And Teasers – Incentivizing The Re-Tweet

Checking out the latest featured Twitvid, "Official Willow Smith "Whip My Hair" Teaser”, it's understandable why some music artists are putting out special content through video social networks like TwitVid. Here's how Mo Adham, co-founder and COO of TwitVid explained it to me:

"Some artists are actually launching their music videos on TwitVid. When they launch those music videos, they actually enable this feature that we have with them called, "'retweet the video to watch it.' That's one of our special things we do. Basically, how it works is, if you have a video and you want people to retweet the video to get it more viral, you can ask them to retweet the video to watch it. What that does it help create kind of an explosive effect in terms of "viral-ity" of a video (his word) – increasing the number of views and getting you a lot of followers.”

Video Search Engine Visibility With TwitVid

To date, over 126,000 TwitVid pages have been indexed in Google's search results; and they do get indexed very quickly. (Impressively, my own TwitVids were indexed in Google's search results within the hour.)

Twitvids' own search engine is currently in beta, and it shows. While it does have the real-time drop-down menu when you start typing, it appears that you need to have the exactly spelling correct if it's going to retrieve any results. Also, some results were just flat out WAY off. (See example below.)

I don't see anything about f-bawl here, man!

Auto Share To YouTube, Twitter, And Other Social Network Sites

I also notice a good amount of videos from YouTube that also appear in TwitVid. So, just how do you get a YouTube video to appear in my TwitVid feed? Answer: Upload to YouTube, and then do a "Share." (Same with Facebook and MySpace). Also a nice feature with autoshare, is you can tweet a link to a video in your regular twitter account, and then that video will show up in your own TwitVid account

5 Improvements I Recommend For TwitVid

  • Allow cross-linking between TwitVids (TwitVids videos)
  • Create categories for labeling videos, such as for "business" and "technology”
  • On individual video landing pages, change the right-hand column with the headline "Currently Popular Videos" to "Related Videos.”
  • Have a search filter for actual uploaded videos versus auto share videos
  • Have a search filter for length of video

My Interview With TwitVid's Co-Founder, Mo Adham

Grant: A big part of how well a video app or social app gets big is integration;  being in as many of the spaces where audiences already are online. How is TwitVid doing with that?

Mo: is compatible with all Macs, PCs and mobile devices. We're trying our best to be available in all platforms, and most integrated applications. We have a partnership with a couple of popular twitter apps, like TweetDeck, Echofon, ÜberTwitter, and many more. So using those popular twitter applications, you can easily record your video (using our app) from there, and it will record onto twitter as well.

Grant: What would you say are the opportunities today with using video in twitter for business purposes? Or, just to improve one's professional image?

Mo: Well video is a great way to portray your image, your brand, and your messages. It's very personal – you've got the video, the audio, someone speaking to your audience – it feels really, really personal. We've seen this first-hand. Any businesses that use TwitVid to upload videos get higher engagement; they get more "followers" on twitter (i.e., people with twitter accounts following them); they got people commenting on their videos, and remember, every comment is actually a "tweet", so you get a lot of "@" replies; it's a very positive thing to do for your brand.

Grant: Tell us about some people who have used TwitVid successfully for commercial purposes.

Mo: Some artists are actually launching their music videos on TwitVid. When they launch those music videos, they actually enable this feature that we have with them called, "retweet the video to watch it." That's one of our special things we do. Basically, how it works is, if you have a video and you want people to retweet the video to get it more viral, you can ask them to retweet the video to watch it. What that does it help create kind of an explosive effect in terms of "virality" of a video – increasing the number of views and getting you a lot of followers.

There's also another model we have: "Follow Me to Watch My Video." So you can end up getting a lot more twitter followers if you an upload, like, a significantly important video. This has been done for artists like Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, who are quite popular teen celebrities. Now that's addressing the portion of the market that are artists, and record labels, and so on.

See the example below of recording artists using TwitVid for their music video "previews"...

For small businesses, you can do things like host a contest on TwitVid. Right on the home page of TwitVid, you'll see a banner above the phone advertisement, which is an advertisement for a contest. We've hosted a lot of contests before. As a business you can say things like offering ticket for a limited time, or a free voucher; submit a video telling me why you like this particular type of cuisine, for example. You get a lot of people on twitter submitting videos and trying to participate in the contest.

So, those are all good, creative ways to use TwitVid in order to achieve your business objectives.

Grant: What do you see as the future of video with twitter?

Mo: That's quite a complicated question. First of all, I think that video is going to be quite instrumental inside the twitter experience. Twitter is about real-time, information sharing. I see news breaking on TwitVid. I see the whole thing of paparazzi taking videos of celebrities. But now maybe it'll switch around where the celebrity is going to take videos of himself or herself and post it on TwitVid. Also, I see interesting monetization models for video on twitter. There's a few new kind of models for monetizing video that we've been experimenting with at TwitVid. One of them is our Social Ads network, which basically allows you to create a campaign on videos, to get more retweets and followers of twitter. There are a lot of things that can be done when you combine the power of real-time information sharing with video. It becomes quite an interesting space.

About Mo Adham, Co-Founder & COO, TwitVid

Mo Adham is the co-founder and COO of TwitVid's parent company, EatLime, Inc., the consumer video technology platform, where he is responsible for the planning, development and strategic direction of the company. Mo, and his co-founder, Adil Lalani developed EatLime's unique Instant Media Engine technology in 2007 with the goal to provide the fastest and easiest way for people to share videos. In 2009, they launched and their app for the iPhone 3GS and Blackberry phones, followed by the Android release in April 2010.

Mo was originally interviewed by ReelSEO back in July: TwitVid Co-Founder Betting that Brands Will See Value in Social Video Advertising. You can also check out Mo Adham on twitter at @maladham

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    I am looking forward to see how this affects VSEO, search results, video interacton etc.... bummed that I can't see it yet, but expect that to change soon. Thanks for the article.

    • Ronnie Bincer

      OK, ok... the Twitter "preview option" just showed up for me today!
      I started looking at some of my "tweets" that are auto-fed by YouTube to a UseMyDroid Twitter account and they look pretty good... one issue I see right now is that you can click to play more than one video and the first one doesn't stop when the new one starts... still kinda buggy right now, but it looks like viewing the video right inside of Twitter is going to be a new standard (IMHO). woof! woof!


    This is the future. Thanks to Grant we have the information early! I asked a question the other day on twitter: what is the video equivalent of 140 characters?
    Well, now we know!
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    Sound's great! I've been looking for a way to integrate video into my tweets easily so I'll give this a try!