Twitter Teases New Hashtag Video Sharing Feature

Twitter Teases New Hashtag Video Sharing Feature

So, we already know that tweets with videos are more likely to get retweeted than text based tweets. We also know (from Twitter's own data) than hashtag-led tweets are are only 16% likely to be retweeted, compared to videos' 38%. Twitter wants video-sharing to work on the site so they look to be experimenting with a new feature that brings the hashtag and video tweet together in one handy package.

Re/code are reporting that typing in a particular hashtag will trigger a pop-up that allows you to embed a video for your tweet. I'm guessing this test is only enabled in the U.S. at the moment, as I can't get it to work in the U.K., and there seems to be only one hashtag that will work right now, but its still a very exciting move for the video platform. If you are in the U.S. and are the proud owner of an iPhone, or can borrow one, open up the Twitter app and type #amillionwaystodie in the search box. A pop-up will appear giving you the option to attach the video trailer for Seth McFarlane's soon-to-be-released comedy to a tweet which you can send out to your feed. thanks to re/Code for the following images:

Type in the hashtag:

Twitter Teases New Hashtag Video Sharing Feature

Clicking on the link opens up a fresh tweet, complete with hashtag and video embed:

Twitter Teases New Hashtag Video Sharing Feature Twitter are yet to confirm or deny whether the experiment will evolve into a permanent feature but it seems one that could lend itself very well to promoted tweets as part of that platform's advertising packages.

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