TV Guide Announces Online Video Awards Winners

TV Guide Announces Online Video Awards Winners

TV Guide, which canceled its online video awards ceremony and television special out of respect for the Writers Guild of America strike (a story broke on NewTeeVee), has named its award winners in a fanfare-free press release.

Voters cast some 1.75 million ballots and the nominees were skewed somewhat towards established media outlets. It is no wonder that the winners would be big hit shows like The Office, and SNL from NBC.

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TV Guide announced today the winners in 18 categories for its inaugural Online Video Awards, which recognize the best and most innovative professional video programming being created for the Web.

Among the nominees, many of the major broadcast and cable networks were represented along with other entertainment sites including, and The winners were chosen by fans on with over 1.75 million votes cast, and by TV Guide editors.

The nominees and winners in the 18 separate categories are listed below:

1. Funniest Web Video (a/k/a LOL Award)
Dick in a Box (NBC) –WINNER

The Landlord (FunnyOrDie)
The Star-Spangled Banner (JibJab)
Water Boardin' USA (MyDamnChannel)

2. Best TV Show Site on the Web
Heroes 360 (NBC) –WINNER
Lost (ABC)
Jericho (CBS)
American Idol (Fox)

3. Best Comedy Site on the Web–WINNER

4. Best TV Drama Webisode
Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side (CBS) –WINNER
Jericho: Countdown (CBS)
Lost: Flashbacks (ABC)
Heroes: Yamagato Fellowship's "Takezo Kensei: Sword Saint" (NBC)

5. Best TV Comedy Webisode
The Office (NBC) –WINNER
Psych (USA)
30 Rock: Evening with Kenneth (NBC)
Monk (USA)

6. Best Sci-Fi Webisode
Star Trek: New Voyages (StarTrekNewVoyages) –WINNER
Battlestar Galactica (SciFi)
The 4400 (USA)
Afterworld (MySpace)

7. Best TV Reality Webisode
Tori & Dean: Inn Love (Oxygen) –WINNER
Survivor: Meet the Castaways (CBS)
Amazing Race: Elimination Station (CBS)
Dancing with the Stars: Confessionals (ABC)

8. Best Original Web Drama Series
Sanctuary (SanctuaryForAll) –WINNER
Sam has Seven Friends (Samhas7friends)
Prom Queen (
LonelyGirl15 (YouTube)

9. Best Original Web Comedy Series
Clark & Michael (ClarkandMichael) –WINNER
Derek & Simon (SuperDeluxe)
Illeanarama: Supermarket of the Stars (YouTube)
Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager (YouTube)

10. Best Original Web Reality Series
Mark Burnett's Gold Rush (AOL) –WINNER
Nick Cannon's Star Camp (Nickelodeon)
Inturn (CBS)
Real Kids of Orange County (Bravo)

11. Best Web Talk Show
Tom Green: Mania TV (ManiaTV) –WINNER
Dave Foley: Can't Sleep with Dave Foley (SuperDeluxe)
Dave Navarro: Spread Entertainment (ManiaTV)
In Bed with Carrie Keagan (ngtv)

12. Best Actor (for original Web material)
Steve Carell: The Office (NBC)–WINNER
Will Ferrell: The Landlord (FunnyOrDie)
Tony Shaloub: Monk (USA)
Kyle Rankin: Hellholes (Atom Films)

13. Best Actress (for original Web material)
Laura Howard: Prom Queen ( –WINNER
Pearl: The Landlord; Good Cop, Baby Cop (FunnyOrDie)
Illeana Douglas: Supermarket of the Stars (YouTube)
Jessica Lee Rose: LonelyGirl15 (YouTube)

14. Funniest Duo (for original Web material)
Clark Duke and Michael Cera: Clark and Michael (Clarkandmichael) –WINNER
Will Ferrell & Pearl: The Landlord (FunnyOrDie)
Jimmy Kimmel & Sarah Silverman: The Opera (ABC)
Becki Newton & Michael Urie: Ugly Betty (ABC)

15. Best Behind The Scenes Video on the Web
Hey Paula: Behind the Scenes (Bravo) –WINNER
American Idol: Behind the Scenes (Fox)
Grey's Anatomy: Props Department (ABC)
SNL: Backstage (NBC)

16. Best Extras for the Web (a/k/a Extra! Extra! Extra!)
The Office: PSAs (NBC) –WINNER
Heroes: Character profiles (NBC)
Ugly Betty: Michael Urie & Becki Newton Video Diaries (ABC)
How I Met Your Mother: Robin Sparkles music video (CBS/FOX)

17. Best Celebrity Video on the Web
Ellen DeGeneres: Ready, Set, Go! Ellen's Emmy Adventure (Ellen) –WINNER
Ask Tina: 30 Rock (NBC)
Danny DeVito: The Contract (FunnyOrDie)
FCU with Bill Murray (FunnyOrDie)

18. Best Animated Video on the Web
Pale Force (NBC) –WINNER
Adventures with the Ambersons (SuperDeluxe)
5 On With Alan Whiter (Comedy Central)
Family Guy: Up Late (Fox)

Fans may view the winning videos at beginning today.

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