Custom Video Production With Professional Voiceover for SMBs - New From TurnHere

Custom Video Production With Professional Voiceover for SMBs   New From TurnHereTurnHere, Inc., a leading Internet video production and advertising company, announced the launch of a premium voiceover video package designed for small and local businesses. Combining custom onsite video footage with professional voiceover, TurnHere's new turnkey solution lets businesses of all sizes leverage the power of video to connect with customers in a more engaging and effective way.

The voiceover offering expands TurnHere's portfolio of interview-based narrative video ads for small businesses and gives business owners a compelling way to tell their story without having to be on camera. Unlike other video products that rely on generic industry and stock images, TurnHere's voiceover video ads use real footage shot on site – for a more authentic and personal touch.

Far more than just video production, TurnHere helps clients maximize the value of their video content and distribute videos across the web. The voiceover video option provides an online video for a business' profile that sets them apart from their competition and attracts the attention of viewers looking for their services.

TurnHere's voiceover video package includes:

  • Custom, onsite video shoot – capturing real footage of local businesses in action
  • Turnkey production – from shooting and editing to publishing
  • Professionally — written, custom script with key business information and SEO-friendly word
  • Professionally — narrated voiceover with choice of male/female talent
  • Choice of music
  • Video preview via TurnHere's secure online screening room

TurnHere's turnkey production model removes the complexity and overhead typically associated with video production. One of TurnHere's highly experienced filmmakers handles the entire production from script creation and shooting, to editing and publishing with little to no involvement required from the business owner.

"In this economic climate, local businesses are looking for effective ways to reach and connect with customers," said David Rich, SVP Sales & Marketing for TurnHere. "TurnHere's voice over video is an engaging enhancement to any online listing that will drive viewer action.”

TurnHere has developed a strong network of more than 7,000 independent, professional filmmakers in more than 70 countries to give local business across the world access to leading media and video production talent.

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  • vzaar Jamie

    As a site that allows SMEs to publish their videos across the Internet I can concur that video production remains the biggest hurdle to fully embracing video as a means of aiding online sales.

    With businesses now watching every penny spent, it is often the marketing budget that is first to go so it is reassuring to see production companies like TurnHere offering value in the marketplace.

    We've partnered with production companies in the US, UK, EU and Australia in order to remove some of the friction when it comes to content creation but still it is a commitment that SMEs need to be comfortable with making. The best videos I've seen to date are the ones that have been made off the back of a fully committed business.

    You can see those here:

  • Ben Saren

    CitySquares is a customer of TurnHere. We provide SMBs with online video solutions through them, and we continue to be impressed by them. They take it all off our hands and we trust them and their videographers to take good care of our merchants. This new product looks like a great addition! Hopefully we'll be able to try it out soon.

  • Ben at

    TurnHere's business model looks pretty fantastic. You're right in that it takes one of the most difficult pieces of video - the actual production and mastering - and makes it much easier.