Back in November, we had the pleasure of being the media sponsor for the Kelsey Group's ILM:08 (Interactive Local Media) conference. One of the highlights of that conference was the panel session titled, "SuperForum II: Local Video Explosion." Brad Inman, the Founder and chairman of TurnHere gave an excellent keynote presentation where he presented and discussed "25 things that TurnHere has learned" about local video production and video marketing for small and medium sized businesses.

We caught up with Brad Inman outside of the session for a quick interview. Brad talks to us about the genesis of TurnHere, their recent launch of custom voice-over capabilities, the importance of optimization when it comes to the future of online video marketing for SMBs, and what is in store for the future of TurnHere.

Finally, Brad provides some solid tips for filmmakers that are either interested in becoming a part of the TurnHere filmmaker network or are looking to become more actively involved:

"Sign up, get in the network, send us your reel...  I encourage our filmmakers that are not getting work, or are not getting assignments - dont be afraid to call us and bug us, cause all we need is one good experience with a filmmaker, if they are reliable, trustworthy, good shots, good sound, they deliver on time, they will get more work."

"Two things," Brad says, "must be creative and must be responsible....  If they have that together, we love to send them checks."

Thanks to Brad for taking the time to speak with us at ReelSEO ;-)

  • video pro

    "We love to send them checks.” Because they are so tiny...

  • Dherek Abernathy

    Hi, My name is Dherek Abernathy I'm one light music here in Scottsdale Arizona. I really like your guy's cause at Maybe you guys can help us out by checking out are website at for all your audio, video, and picture promotional needs. I just have one suggestion, and that is to better time aline the audio for the dialog i couldn't watch the interview because of it. Fill free to Email me back for ANY questions about Audio.

    Thank you for your time.
    Dherek Abernathy

  • Sheri

    Steve and I have worked for TurnHere for over a year now, and have produced many videos for TurnHere...we have been involved with making videos for the internet for 5 years well as movies and Docs . We truly enjoy working with TurnHere and all the great people working there. The idea of filmmakers from many walks of life doing videos for business across this country is a marvelous idea. Kudos to Brad for having this vision. Let's change the 25 mile rule though....if you can produce and you do have great video shouldn't be penalized for living in a small town, even though you love the travel part of making the videos..... We love working for TurnHere and hope to do many more videos in the future.

  • Jeff Bach

    I'm a Turnhere filmmaker, originally coming to TH having already done several long form movies/videos. So with that bit of bias... I have to write that there's nothing out there like TH that I've found. Brad Inman seems to have found the right mix and to be in the right place at the right time. To me, TH also demonstrates a critical piece of film making - having a sales staff, via TH partners, and a means of distribution, again via TH partners. He has done this part of the business better than anyone else. Turnhere is also full of great people - cheers to Sappho F, Louie R, and Peter D.
    Jeff Bach
    Quietwater Films
    Madison, WI.