TumTiki Combines Hulu & Amazon Content to Become Latest Online TV Distributor

TumTiki Combines Hulu & Amazon Content to Become Latest Online TV Distributor

The availability of, well, everything, gets closer and closer it seems every week.  TumTiki, a creation of cable provider Frontier Communications, will combine content available from Hulu, Amazon, and others to provide a library of 700,000 movies and TV shows.  It will act as curator for two of the largest online video providers, making it easier to find most anything all in one place.  They even provide local programming, which you can access via a map.  It looks like over 50 markets are represented.  Also, TumTiki will be a place to watch web shows.

TumTiki Is the Beginning of Everything Being Available At Your Fingertips

Jeremy said to me the other day, "I can't wait for the day where I'll just think of something I want to watch, be able to go to my computer, and just play it right there on demand."  And hey, I think once the studios start figuring out a way to monetize their content to the maximum dollar, that's where we're headed.  TumTiki has a simple interface where you can click on "TV Listings" and pick a time and a day, and if the program you're looking for says, "Watch Now," you're in business.

90% of the content on the site is free, and the 10% pay content comes from Amazon's movie library, which at this point is the only area where TumTiki is getting money.  However, ads will soon be a part of the site.  It's a huge advantage for Frontier Communications to partner with these providers and avoid all the sturm and drang of getting content rights.  Hulu's programming will be available through Hulu's player, but won't actually take people away from TumTiki, so they can get ad dollars, I'm assuming to share with their new partners.

Online availability of all the premium content you want is coming.  It's not right around the corner or anything, but it gets closer with each new site like this one.

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