Video Optimization, CreatorUp, and TrueView In-stream Advertising [TubeTalk #35]

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What is the best video optimization process? How can CreatorUp help you make better-performing YouTube videos? How can you use TrueView in-stream ads more effectively? We answer these questions and more this week on ReelSEO TubeTalk: YouTube Video Marketing Tips. Your hosts this week are:

Tip #1: What is the Best Video Optimization Process?

Matt Ballek is the director of strategic distribution at Magnet Media. They offer various categories of service, including auditing and YouTube content strategies, promotion, and video optimization, aka channel management.

Video optimization is more than just making sure new content is optimized according to YouTube's best practices and features. The company goes back and performs these services across the channel's video archive. Many clients have legacy content that is either performing well or has the potential to do so if it was optimized and organized well.

Matt likes to run a quick test to compare YouTube views to website analytics in order to find out how many website referrals have been driven by YouTube. Usually there's a great disparity, with only a few visits coming from the videos. Matt's team then goes back to make sure the videos are optimized and driving to the proper pages on the client's website. Then they can determine which videos are effective and which ones aren't.

Magnet Media will group videos together and then pair them off with different success metrics. Goals include:

  • Discoverability
  • Subscriptions
  • Engagement
  • Views

Tip #2: How Can CreatorUp Help You Make Better-performing YouTube Videos?

Dane Golden points us to the online educational resource Tip #3: How Can You Use TrueView In-stream Ads More Effectively?

Tom Breeze runs a lot of different TrueView (Adwords for Video) campaigns and he's constantly testing pre-roll advertising methodologies. He doesn't just to A-B testing, rather he may test 10 different variations. Tom has helped clients increase their effectiveness several fold by continuously refining his process. He helped Gideon Shalwick of

Again, as the advertiser, you only pay when the viewer watches longer than 30 seconds. Tom recommends thinking of the video in two phases: one before the 30-second mark, and another after. He recommends making one pitch in the first 25 seconds or so, then pause the activity of the video, then after the 30-second mark re-engage the viewer with another pitch. This method can potentially get users clicking through to your website before 30 seconds at no cost to you.

3) Decide how to start your campaign

a) Remarketing: Set up a remarketing list based on who views your videos.
b) Placements: This is where you target specific videos for your ads to run on.
c) Keywords
d) Topic- and interest- targetng can also work for some types of products and services.


Video Optimization, CreatorUp, and TrueView In stream Advertising [TubeTalk #35] Video Optimization, CreatorUp, and TrueView In stream Advertising [TubeTalk #35] Video Optimization, CreatorUp, and TrueView In stream Advertising [TubeTalk #35] Video Optimization, CreatorUp, and TrueView In stream Advertising [TubeTalk #35]

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