How do you change your YouTube Name? How do you use the VidIQ Vision "Mass Like" button? How do you use associated website annotations? We answer these questions and more this week on ReelSEO TubeTalk: YouTube Video Marketing Tips, with hosts:

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Tip #1: How Do You Change Your YouTube Channel Name?

Tim Schmoyer says you can't change your YouTube URL - it's permanent. However you can change your name as it appears on the YouTube page.

To change your YouTube channel name:

  1. Go your YouTube Account Settings->Overview and by your name click "Edit on Google+." This will take you to the place on Google+ to edit you name.
  2. The name you give your Google+ page will be the same as your YouTube channel.

Custom URLs For New YouTube Channels:

If you haven't created a URL for your new channel yet, go on YouTube to Account Settings->Advanced and click "Create Custom URL" to create your permanent URL. Note that you should very carefully select both the name, spelling, and upper-case/lower-case choice.

Vanity YouTube URLs:

You can request a YouTube vanity URL which points to your old URL (in most cases masking the old URL) by using this form. You'll want to use a URL that isn't being used by someone else already. YouTube reserves the right not to grant vanity URL requests.


  1. If you don't yet have much audience, you might try a new channel and tell your viewers that you're moving.
  2. YouTube custom URLs don't matter for SEO, but if you want an easy URL for your business card, you might try creating a website URL that forwards users to your YouTube channel.
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Tip #2: How Do You Use the VidIQ Vision "Mass Like" Button?

Dane Golden says VidIQ has a Chrome extension for YouTube called VidIQ Vision which gives you extra data and features while you're on If you have the extension and you manage multiple channels, you get a "Mass Like" button next to your like button.

Changing YouTube Channel Name, Mass Likes, and Associated Annotations [TubeTalk #28] youtube mass like feature

Essentially, you can "like" a video more than once simultaneously for each of the channels you manage. This is good if you manage a brand that has multiple YouTube channels for different sub-brands and business units. Of course you only want to use this feature if you're authorized to like videos for the accounts you manage.

To use this feature, click on the Mass Like button on the left of the like button. This opens a dropdown menu, showing empty checkboxes next to each account you manage. You can check each box next to each account you'd like to represent as liking this video. Or check "Select All," which says that all of your accounts like this video. After clicking the checkboxes, click "Mass Like."

Tip #3: How Do You Use Associated Website Annotations?

Matt Ballek says that you can associate your YouTube channel with your website, enabling you to link from your YouTube videos your website using associated website annotations. This is particularly helpful for brands. You can link from a video hotspot to a specific product URL for instance. Matt says that this is opens up a whole new avenue to KPI management when creating videos. You can track the clicks to your website and understand what each viewer is netting you in terms of conversion. Tim says that this should be used judiciously, as too much outward linking can lower your viewer session time. YouTube ranks videos based on how long they keep users on YouTube, and this would lower your video SEO score.

  • Brandon Finlen

    Thanks for the info. My organization just rebranded. The channel name that we would like to have is available but based off a Youtube policy. A channel name can be "burned" - ie no longer used. Once that is the case said channel name is no longer available. In my research I was told that if I had a strong enough Youtube manager they could resolve this for us. But being a non profit our buying power is not as strong as it was working at an ad agency. Any thoughts or recommendations?

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  • Michael Vera

    Awesome podcast I love you guys. I don't think anyone has podcasted about the future of youtube yet? It would be an interesting thing to hear you guys discuss.

    Like the new Youtube CEO Susan W. wants to make youtube personalities "famous", she's spending money on cable advertising to promote youtube personalities

    • Dane Golden

      Thanks Michael - we appreciate your support! Interesting article from Susan W. - I think it's important to recognize that you can use many different platforms to tell people about products, services and entertainment properties. Just because it's digital doesn't mean it's the only way. Sometimes just word of mouth or a printed flyer works fine.

      I'll try to weave a tip about the Future of YouTube into this coming week's episode, not sure how but I'll think about it. More importantly, what do YOU think the future of YouTube will be?

  • Dane Golden

    Hi ReelSEO readers! If you guys have any questions about YouTube marketing, promotion, advertising or more (or any of the tips we talked about on the podcast: Changing your YouTube name, the VidIQ Mass Likes feature, or associated website annotations, just ask here in the comments and I'll respond. Thanks!

    • Michael Vera

      You guys have an awesome podcast, keep it up

      • Dane Golden

        Thanks Michael!