Truveo's New Localized Video Search Algorithm

Truveo, the leading video search engine, today announced that it has introduced new localized ranking algorithms for all of the countries it serves with the 17 international Truveo portals. With these new algorithms the order of search results will vary from country to country in order to deliver the most relevant results to each country's Truveo users. Truveo and its international portals are accessible at

Previously, Truveo, like most video search engines, had one single relevancy and ranking algorithm for all searches no matter where the search originated. So, a search in the US for "football" would turn up the same videos as a search in the UK for football even though the two searchers were most likely looking for and expecting completely different results.

Now, Truveo's new international ranking and relevancy algorithm looks at the country of origin for the search and uses this to adjust how much importance is given to various factors including the language and country of origin for the videos that match the search query. For example, a search on Truveo's France portal,, will be more likely to turn up French language videos from French media companies such as France24.

"As AOL continues to extend the global distribution of our products and services, Truveo's aggressive international expansion and initiatives such as the new international ranking and relevancy algorithm will only add to Truveo's leadership around the world," said Kevin Conroy, Executive Vice President of AOL.

"Since we kicked off our international expansion six months ago, we have seen a surge in traffic and received very positive feedback from around the world," said Pete Kocks, President of Truveo and Vice President of AOL. "The introduction of our new international ranking and relevancy algorithms will now give users around the world even better results and an even better experience.”

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